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Freestanding 5-in-1 Port-a-Scrim

Part Number: RF5-P59



The Savage Freestanding 5-in-1 Port-a-Scrim includes 5 standard reflector surfaces: gold, silver, translucent, white and black that are easily attachable to a quick setup frame and self-standing handle. The sturdy aluminum handle is a lightweight design, allowing for comfort and ease when holding overhead, though the handle also allows the main user to position the large scrim on the ground vertically and utilize without the help of an assistant. Set vertically or horizontally (or detach completely when desired) with the tiltable handle feature. Lightweight, collapsible frame breaks down in seconds with just 2 steps and stores away in a black nylon carry bag.

Benefits of reflector surfaces:
Gold produces a warm, golden fill
Silver increases contrast and sharpens shadows
Translucent diffuses and softens light as it passes through
White creates a neutral color bounce light
Black helps to block unwanted light


Sized to 39" x 59"
5 Reflector finishes: gold, silver, translucent, white and black
Light and durable aluminum frame and handle
One-piece frame for quick set up
Freestanding, vertical or horizontal use

1 review for Freestanding 5-in-1 Port-a-Scrim

  1. Cindy Shaver

    This is a great reflector. I wish the arm to support it was a bit easier to adjust. My suggestion would be to have the silver opposite the white rather than the gold. That way for 99% of the uses as a reflector I wouldn’t have to remove the fabric.

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