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Stainless Steel Grip Arm

Part Number: CS-AGC



The Savage Stainless Steel Grip Arm is ideal for use with Savage’s C-Stand line or other C-Stand brands. A grip arm serves as a trusted support when mounting lights or other grip gear above production sets.

Includes an aluminum gobo head and our unique gobo clamp to more easily secure reflectors, scrims, flags and other accessories. Provides a larger range of shape and size clamping, as well as more forceful clamping. The rounded shape of the jaws ensures even but firm clamping and are lined with EPDM rubber to prevent damage to thin walled tubes. Spigots on both ends include 3/8” male threading.


Features & Specs

Measures 40” (102cm) long
Rust-proof stainless steel tubing
Aluminum grip head material
8mm – 35mm Gobo head clamping range
Spigots on both ends include 3/8” male threading
Weighs 4 lbs. (1.8kg)


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Stainless Steel Grip Arm

Yes, our patented Gobo Clamp is available individually.

Yes, both the Savage Gobo Clamp and the Stainless Steele Grip arm are designed for universal fit with other standard grip arms and gobo heads.

Stainless Steel construction (versus plating) ensures that your equipment will remain weatherproof throughout its life. Conventional steel construction rusts with exposure to humidity or moisture causing components not to operate as smoothly as stainless steel components.

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