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Black Coated Stainless Steel C-Stand

Part Number: CB600

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The Savage Black Coated Stainless Steel C-Stand is a feature-rich production support! A patented junior receiver on the lowest leg gives this stand a leg up from the competition. This feature allows users to place a second light or modifier low to the ground, and position the stand into a corner for optimal output in compact spaces. Do more with less gear in the way!

An included 20″ (51cm) riser with junior to baby pin stores away onto the side of the main riser when not in use, and can be mounted into the leg’s junior receiver for double action. Mount two lights or one light and a scrim onto both risers to get maximum use from one C-stand. Remove the junior to baby pin from the 20″ riser and drop into the leg junior receiver for ultra-low positioning. Transfer the 40″ riser from the center to the leg junior receiver to move a light snugly into a corner. Adjust the 20″ riser through the foot of the leg to level the stand on stairs or uneven surfaces.

This two riser stand is a heavy-duty stainless steel support that can secure up to a 25 lb. (11.33kg) load (more than the competition!) and handle rugged usage in the studio or on location. A satin black finish over the durable and anti-rust stainless steel material reduces reflectivity on set.

Fast-acting, foldable legs on a turtle base open/close and lock easily with a pull release knob. Stand includes an adjustable hook for hanging cables and controllers (when mounted high on the column) or sandbags and ballasts (when mounted low) and can fold up alongside the riser when not in use.

Enjoy the convenience of a Rocky Mountain leg and turtle base from one stand.

Removable black coated stainless steel turtle base
Black coated stainless steel 3-section riser – 40″ (102cm) and 20″ (51cm) sizes available
20″ (51cm) Black coated stainless steel riser
Junior to baby pin
Removable hanging hook

Sandbags (not included) are highly recommended for use with this stand when mounting heavy objects.


Features & Specs

Anti-rust stainless steel
Black satin finish reduces reflectivity
Removable turtle base
Junior receiver on lowest leg allows for either included risers to be placed snug in a corner, or for low placement of a second light or modifier (patented feature!)
Leg leveler for uneven surfaces or stairs
Pull release knob locks legs into open or closed position
Dual baby pin mount possibilities
Blue padded handle for comfortable grip

40" (102cm) Size:
Maximum load: 25 lbs. (11.3kg)
Minimum working height: 53" (135cm)
Maximum working height: 114" (290cm)
Footprint: 25" (64cm)
Collapsed leg width: 22" (56cm)
Total weight: 19 lbs. (8.62kg)

20" (51cm) Size:
Maximum load: 25 lbs. (11.3kg)
Minimum working height: 36" (91cm)
Maximum working height: 64" (163cm)
Footprint: 25" (64cm)
Collapsed leg width: 22" (56cm)
Total weight: 15 lbs. (6.8kg)


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Black Coated Stainless Steel C-Stand

Yes, the Savage C-Stand folds flat for transport/storage just like other C-stands. The adjustable cable hook accessory is also removable.

When retracted and out of a base, the 40″ Stainless Steel Double Riser is 45″ in total length, including the junior pin that fits into a junior receiver.

Yes, the base adjusts to stairs, inclines, and uneven terrain. It is especially important to use sandbags for greater security on inclined surfaces.

The Baby Pin has an industry standard 5/8″ diameter.

Not for this particular item. We recommend using our Rolling Base (#CS-BASE) which has extendable legs to enable mobility while securely supporting large lights and modifiers.

Our c-stands are produced from #202 stainless steel which consists of approximately 19% chromium and 5% nickel, two elements that are important for corrosion resistance. Our stands have been tested in wet environments over a 2+ year period successfully with no corrosion. Other competitor stands use steel with chrome plating, so that if/when the chrome plating is chipped, the steel under is highly susceptible to rust. Our stand tubing is all stainless steel, so heavy-duty use that could result in chipping will not increase the chance of rusting.

Our black coated c-stand is produced from #304 stainless steel. Most competitor black c-stands are only powder coated with black paint and have no other protection from rust. Given the rough treatment c-stands often receive in use, we believe the likelihood of ours  rusting is far lower than the likelihood of another brand chrome plating chipping and consequently rusting.

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