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Large Planks Floor Drop

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Part Number: FD118


Our Large Planks Floor Drop offers an amazingly lifelike, detailed, and dimensional pattern that truly looks like a real wood flooring or paneling. Ideal for creating the look and feel of location shots in the studio, our Floor Drops are printed on heavy-duty, non-slip rubber backing and features a 1.5mm polyester finish on the print side, making them durable, comfortable, easy to walk on and easy to roll up for storage. Our floor drops can also be used as a backdrop and mixed & matched with other patterns for variety and creativity. Three sizes available – 4′ x 5′, 5’ x 7’ and 8’ x 8’.

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Lifelike, realistic appearance
Durable polyester finish
Heavy-duty non-slip rubber backing
Rolls up easily for transport and storage
Can also be used as a backdrop
Mix and match for complete studio setups
Clean with a damp sponge, or a mild detergent if necessary
Wood planks run along the longer length of the floor mat for the 4'x5' and 5'x7' sizes


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Floor Drops

We recommend lightly spot cleaning with a damp sponge. Keep your floor drop in top condition by cleaning the bottoms of your model’s shoes before he/she steps onto the mat.

Always check your shoes and your models shoes before setting foot on the floor drop. These floor drops can get dirty very easily, so take every precaution to make sure that everything that touches the floor drop is as clean as possible!

Because floor drops ship rolled up tightly, you may need to weigh down the corners of the mat for a couple days upon unpacking, in order to decrease curling.

Once you are done with your shoot, just roll up your floor drop and store it horizontally or vertically.

Savage floor drops can be easily transitioned to a backdrop by hanging it with clamps from a backdrop stand.

Savage floor drops are a polyester fabric with a heavy duty rubber backing for durability.

For full body shots, we recommend the 8×8 floor drop.

4′ W x 5′ H – 4 lbs
5′ W x 7′ H – 12 lbs
8′ W x 8′ H – 20 lbs

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