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Blue Winter Crushed Muslin Backdrop Image 1

Blue Winter Crushed Muslin Backdrop

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Part Number: CM02

Product Description

Savage’s Blue Winter Crushed Muslin Backdrop features distinct mottling for creating images with extra texture and depth. All of our premium Crushed Muslins offer a traditional style and luxury feel that creates a unique ambiance in the studio. These muslins are made from 100% high-quality, non-reflective cotton, which makes them also great for video production. No other backdrop is as portable and as forgiving as muslin is; it can withstand heavy usage and can be spot cleaned with mild soap to maintain good condition. This backdrop is detailed with a 3″ (75 mm) rod pocket for easy hanging and professional seams to prevent tears. Available in 10’x12’ and 10’x24’.


Heavy duty, professional quality 
Seamless, made from one piece 
3” rod pocket for quick hanging 
Sewn finish on all sides
Easy to clean
Carry bag for storage and transportation


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