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Ryan Walsh

Weathered Brick/Black Collapsible Backdrop

Part Number: CB184-

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The Savage Weathered Brick/Black Collapsible Backdrop displays a plaster and red brick print on the front and reverses to a deep, mottled black finish on the backside. This unique combination of eye-catching background styles allows a photographer to easily and quickly go from grunge to classic in one photo shoot. Made of high-quality, non-reflective cotton that eliminates glare. Also available as a kit with 8′ Aluminum Background Stand.

Replacement Parts:
Support Adapter with 3/8″ Thread
Collapsible Background Carry Bag


Features & Specs

Easy to set up and take down
Can be used horizontally or vertically
Opens to 5' x 7' and collapses to 28"
Reversible – 2 backgrounds in 1
Unique printed texture on front
Dyed mottled finish on reverse
Eliminate wrinkles quickly and easily with a steamer
Includes carry bag


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Collapsible Backdrops

Because collapsible backgrounds aren’t 100% opaque, light will shine through the fabric depending on the brightness of the light. The most important thing is to not light the collapsible from behind the background. If the lights are evenly distributed on the front side of the background then you should not have an issue with light passing through the fabric.

5′ W x 6′ H – 6 lbs
5′ W x 7′ H – 6 lbs
6′ W x 7′ H – 7 lbs

Check out our blog post “How to Set Up Your Collapsible Backdrop” for visual instructions.

One of the great benefits to our collapsible backdrops is that they can be used horizontally or vertically to best fit your shooting situation.

Check out this video that demonstrates how to fold a collapsible backdrop:

Firstly, we recommend alternating folding your collapsible backdrop with the front and backside facing outwards, each time you fold it avoid this from happening. However, if it does happen, don’t fret! Grab a friend and grab opposite corners of the backdrop and begin to twist. As you are twisting the backdrop stretch the backdrop slightly. This should return the backdrop to its original frame. You can also try just stretching opposite sides of the backdrop until it is released into its original frame.

Once folded, we recommend storing the collapsible in the designated bag to keep it clean and protected.

Our collapsible backdrop stands are made of sturdy aluminum.

Yes. Savage Collapsible Backgrounds are reversible, with a unique design on each side.

*Our Retro Collapsible Backdrops are not reversible.

Computer monitors display color differently, so there may be slight variances to the color you see online from the product you receive. Many of our collapsible background designs are hand dyed, so slight color and pattern variances will occur from piece to piece.

If wrinkles occur on the backdrop you can use a handheld steamer to remove them quickly and easily.

Savage solid color collapsible backgrounds can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.
Savage dyed collapsible backgrounds should not be wetted. Wipe dirt away with a cloth.

Savage collapsible backdrops fold down to approximately 1/3 of their size, which will range from 28″ to 30″ diameter, depending on the background size you order. This collapsibility makes them extremely easy to travel with!

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