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Seamless Paper Color Chart

Part Number: CC-WIDETONE55



20 reviews for Seamless Paper Color Chart

    Ciara Sullivan
    December 3, 2021
    Excellent high-quality reference guide to keep in our studio. I'm always hesitant to pick colors based on whatever mood my monitor/device screen is in, so this helps make the right choice the first time. I was also impressed at how quickly it arrived!
    November 13, 2021
    This makes picking colors A LOT easier than by looking at things online. Totally worth the money.=
    October 23, 2021
    Got the both the printed one from the store and this one. Glad I got this one because the printed one is not exact and should only be used for general reference. This sample helped our team pick 6 colors for a product shoot and worked out well with matching to the product designs.
    Paul Wang Gosselin
    May 12, 2021
    The price is ok, especially considering the fast, free delivery. Nonetheless I would have appreciated slightly larger samples. Sure, the size is in the description. No trickery here. But it's still a bit small, and I would have appreciated the option for larger samples, maybe in the form of cards or a fan. It would be more efficient to judge the suitability of a color for a given task and without being affected by the other surrounding colors.
    Emma Lotter
    May 3, 2021
    This is super handy to see which colors you would like, i love how it's not just printed on the paper but actual samples of the paper on the card so you have a very accurate representation!
    Stephanie Lotven
    April 5, 2021
    The pamphlet is really handy! Small and has all the colors ready for my next order. I really appreciated how quickly it arrived!
    February 22, 2021
    Very small little pamphlet with all the colors. Super handy. Arrived quickly
    Ashley Scott
    February 16, 2021
    Extremly helpful seeing all the color chips prior to ordering large backdrops! It arrived super fast too!
    Michelle Boule
    February 12, 2021
    Love this option! It's great to have on hand for clients and to make a quick decision
    Lindsay Beasley
    January 29, 2021
    Fast delivery. Exactly the reference I needed.
    Shelley Williams
    January 25, 2021
    Fast delivery and it's nice to see all the colors in person vs. the video screen.
    Greg Hauch
    January 22, 2021
    I was surprised at how small the color chips were. but it will work for me. I am just starting out and have picked out several colors that I will be ordering in the near future. I was happy with how fast the color chart came in the mail.
    Amy DeLorenzo
    January 19, 2021
    Great chart to have whether you're looking to make your first backdrop purchase or fifteenth. Especially great that it's samples of the actual paper instead of just printed colors.
    July 24, 2020
    It seems odd to leave a review on a brochure, but it was tremendously helpful. The colors online look good, but seeing the colors all together in the brochure made us change our choices slightly. If you are looking to order, I strongly suggest getting the brochure so you have a clear idea of the colors.
    Emma Petersen
    July 24, 2020
    LOVE that there is a physical copy of color swatches. I find it really hard to trust what color background I'm actually buying when I only see the swatch color and one example photo (that could have any number of color, white balance, or HSL edits done to it. This will be very helpful to my future orders
    Julie Byrd
    May 22, 2020
    This was exactly what I was needing. Thanks!!
    Alana Espineli
    March 6, 2020
    Great reference sheet of all the backgrounds.
    January 23, 2020
    I ordered this sample chart hoping for some samples to help me choose colors. Firstly, I was surprised I had to pay for it, and secondly, the samples on the chart are only 1/2" x 1". They aren't really large enough to get a sense of how they will look as a wide piece of paper.
    Reply from Savage Universal Support Team:
    Hello! We apologize for any dissatisfaction with the paper chip chart. The charts are available for purchase as they require a lengthy manual production process. The 1/2" x 1" measurements are stated in the product description and are most beneficial to ensure color accuracy before ordering a background as color representation can vary online from monitor to monitor.
    September 6, 2018
    I wanted to see what the colors would look like in person and I’m so glad they had this as an option. Now I can make informed decisions before purchasing more!
    November 20, 2017
    Excellent chart for the paper background colors, plus other useful information as well. Definitely worth the price!
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