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86″ x 12yd Seamless Paper

An ultra-portable full sized backdrop for location portrait photographers!

This approximately 7ft wide paper backdrop size gives users more flexibility with their photo/video subjects as well as ease with transporting their gear. Photographers have the ability to capture full body model portraits on this midsize background when working in a small home or office space that can’t accommodate a wider photo backdrop. It’s also the ideal size for portrait subjects like kids and pets, who are known for needing a little space to move around on set. An additional main benefit of this midsize paper backdrop is its ease at which it will fit into virtually any car!

  • Sized to 86″ x 12yd
  • Available in all 65 Savage Widetone Seamless Paper colors
  • Car-sized


RGB300 Color Video Light

Add a splash of color (or 300) to your set!

The Savage RGB300 Color Video Light can be used as a very bright onboard video light or switched to its RGB function to allow the user to dial in 300 different colors. This provides the distinct colorful look of using gels, without the need for any extra accessories or set up. Use multiple lights dialed in at different colors for a creative and unique colored set. Includes a Sony style NP-F750 battery and charger.

  • CRI: 97
  • 1,525 Lumens at 1m (daylight mode)
  • 300 Color possibilities (RGB mode)
  • Up to 4 hour runtime


Edge Lit Pro LED Light

Produce a soft, diffused light source without the need for modifiers.

The Savage Edge Lit Pro LED Light uses LED bulbs that shine inward from the outer edges of the light and are then redirected through a soft white panel. The result is a stunning soft, even and low shadow softbox effect. This makes the color adjustable light source perfect for everything from no hot spot interviews to portrait photography.

  • CRI: 95
  • 1677 Lumens at 1m
  • Bi-color and blendable from 3200K to 5500K
  • Ultra thin, all metal construction


700W Bi-Color LED Studio Light Kit

Try out an affordable, efficient and long-lasting LED solution.

This new LED kit features two energy-efficient, dimmable and blendable bi-color LED chip bulbs. Each bulb generates the equivalent of 350W incandescent light and provides 20,000 hours of lamp life. Color temperature can be adjusted from 3200K to 5600K. Bulbs can be separately controlled with included remote up to 50 feet away. Blue gel domes are included for creative light effects.

  • CRI: 90
  • Bi-color and blendable from 3200K to 5600K
  • Each bulb generates equivalent of 350W incandescent light
  • 20,000 Hour lamp life


Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus

Create captivating catchlights for glamour and beauty photography.

The soft, even light characteristics make this ringlight ideal for glamour shots and key light applications, smoothing out skin imperfections and enhancing the overall look of your model’s skin tone. A large LCD display allows user to adjust color temperature from 3200K to 5500K and power level from 10% to 100%, while the included remote control works up to 50 feet away, especially useful when operating the light from the front for vlogging or self-portraits.

  • CRI: 95
  • 5300 Lumens at 1m at 4300K
  • 4300 Lumens at 1m at 3200K
  • 3600 Lumens at 1m at 5500K
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