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RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wand

Add a bit of magic into your photography!

The Savage RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wand is an exciting tool for everything from creative light painting to colorful portraits to cool video special effects. The battery operated design allows total freedom of movement. Use hand-held, mounted to a light stand or hung almost anywhere. When dialing in to 200 separate colors, each can also be adjusted for both hue and saturation, giving the user almost unlimited shade and intensity options. Command the RGB Light Painter Pro LED Wand to strobe, pan through the color spectrum or even pulse to a music or audio file with the Savage Light Manager free smart phone app!

  • CRI: 96
  • 318 Bi-color LEDs
  • 40 RGB LEDs
  • Lux at 1M: 6351 (5500K), 6131 (3200K), 5681 (4200K)
  • Lumens at 1M: 1041 (RGB red), 560 (RGB blue), 1121 (RGB green)
  • 32000K-5500K Color temperature blendable
  • 16″ Long light surface (24″ total wand length)


Multiflex Light Stand

Nothing gets in the way with this new versatile light stand!

Whether you need to set up your lights in the corner of a small office, the middle of a city street staircase, on a grassy hill or up against the side of a bus, it’ll go wherever you need it to get the perfect shot. The light stand’s key feature is an individually adjustable third leg, which allows the stand to be positioned anywhere, including uneven surfaces like bumpy terrain, stairs or corners.

  • Two sizes available: 6’ and 10’
  • Air cushioned
  • Large footprint makes stand wind-resistant
  • 1 Steel 5/8” double stud included with ¼”-20 / 3/8” threads


Ringlight Beauty Video Kit

Flawlessly showcase your hair and makeup masterpieces!

The Savage Ringlight Beauty Video Kit is the perfect kit for vloggers, photographers and beauticians! The Luminous Pro LED Ringlight presents a soft and and even light with a flattering circular catchlight to showcase hair and makeup flawlessly. On both the top and bottom of the inner ring is a shoe mount, which the use can attach multiple accessories including a camera, cell phone and mirror to. Produce seamless makeup applications while filming beauty tutorials by mounting the mirror directly under your camera inside the ringlight, allowing your perspective to remain towards the camera at all times.

  • 19″ Luminous Pro LED Ringlight
  • 6′ Extending light stand
  • 5′ x 7′ Reversible polyester backdrop (neutral gray/chroma green)
  • With additional accessories to get the perfect shot, every time!


86″ x 36′ Seamless Paper

An ultra-portable full sized backdrop for location portrait photographers!

This approximately 7ft wide paper backdrop size gives users more flexibility with their photo/video subjects as well as ease with transporting their gear. Photographers have the ability to capture full body model portraits on this midsize background when working in a small home or office space that can’t accommodate a wider photo backdrop. It’s also the ideal size for portrait subjects like kids and pets, who are known for needing a little space to move around on set. An additional main benefit of this midsize paper backdrop is its ease at which it will fit into virtually any car!

  • Sized to 86″ x 36′
  • Available in all 65 Savage Widetone Seamless Paper colors
  • Car-sized


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