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Savage Supports Animal Rescue & Welfare

According to the ASPCA, approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year.(1) One central cause we’re committed to is providing support for animal shelter, rescue and hospital organizations across the U.S. to help save lives of abandoned or stray animals in need of rehabilitation and permanent homes. By sponsoring and donating to these organizations annually, as well as offering aid to volunteer workers and photographers to enhance adoption photos through use of professional photography gear, Savage is proud to stand behind those in our industry who similarly share this view.

savage project pet portraits

Project Pet Portraits

An animal in a crowded shelter heavily relies on its published adoption photo to help save its life, and an eye-catching, high-quality portrait taken by a professional photographer truly makes all the difference. Capturing the unique personalities of the animals and allowing the focus of the photo to remain on them, instead of a distracting background, is a crucial task and we believe those extra-special photographers who choose to donate their professional services for this deserve support.

Project Pet Portraits is our community campaign to match volunteer photographers with a professional studio background for adoption day photo shoots and special shelter events. If YOU are a professional photographer who volunteers at a local animal rescue organization and is in need of a clean, colorful seamless paper backdrop to enhance your portraits, we’d love to hear from you. Please submit a message below to our marketing team about your upcoming adoption photo shoot or special event with information about your services, and we’ll get in contact with you regarding a one-time Savage seamless paper backdrop donation.


  • Valid for US residents only at this time
  • One backdrop per photographer
  • Application submission does not guarantee donation
  • Applications are reviewed monthly for eligibility and approval

Donation Request for Project Pet Portraits

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Did You Know?

Savage has partnered with hearts speak
We’re proud to be able to provide sponsorship for their innovative Perfect Exposure Project, bringing in-depth training workshops and resources to shelters nationwide to better their marketing and photography programs.

Summertime Project Pet Portraits

Summertime Project Pet Portraits

We’ve received numerous adorable pet portraits this summer from photographers all over the U.S.! These wonderful volunteers have dedicated their time to make sure their local shelter animals are seen and by choosing bright backdrops like Orchid, Teal, or Baby Blue they make sure these pet portraits POP!

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