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We recommend purchasing our Aluminum Background Core to increase stability and eliminate sagging with the Savage Infinity Solid Color Vinyl Backdrops. Please note: This aluminum core slides snugly into the standard cardboard core all Savage Infinity Vinyl Backgrounds are wound on and serves as a great full-length support to keep heavy rolls from sagging if left hanging on a backdrop stand between uses. We have not found it to be compatible with most background wall mount systems that use expanding support inserts at the ends of the core to rotate the backdrop up and down. (The inner metal core may continuously slip against the outer cardboard core when rotating.) A user may choose to re-wind their backdrop to remove the cardboard core and replace it with the aluminum core to bypass this issue. We recommend using a durable tape to affix the top end of the vinyl material to the core.

*Aluminum Core measures 2.25″ wide and is only intended for use with the Savage Infinity Solid Color Vinyl Backdrops; it does not fit inside the standard cardboard core Savage Seamless Paper Backdrops are wound on.