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Heading to WPPI conference in a few weeks? You won’t want to miss the Savage Universal expo booth! Join us on March 3rd at 3pm to see Jacquelynn Buck demonstrate creative posing for floor shots on our Classic Tile, Handscraped Oak and Whitewash Floor Drops. She will also be using a “home” setting, attaching a wood baseboard to the backdrop and stand to create a classic living room look in studio. 

Learn more about what Savage is doing at WPPI 2014 here.

Jacquelynn Buck

Jacquelynn Buck is an award winning national portrait and wedding photographer who travels extensively for both photography and pleasure, is a foodie and wine enthusiast, and describes her work as vibrant, energetic, interactive and truly story-telling. Jacquelynn owns and operates a home-based boutique studio in Tucson, Arizona, teaches at workshops nationally and internationally and also mentors photographers one-on-one. She was raised on cheese steaks and Tasty Kakes (aka born in PA) but has lived in six states in the last 12 years and has a very cool Russian Blue cat named Mordecai. Check out her website here!


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