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Savage had a great time at the Wedding and Portrait Photographers annual conference and expo in Las Vegas, NV in March! With interesting and informative photo demonstrations, daily contests and giveaways and lots of product samples, there was a lot to check out at our expo booth! Here is a recap on all of our live demos:

Live Demonstrations

We were so excited to offer a lineup of great studio photographers demonstrating and speaking on our products. Expo-goers saw firsthand how our backdrops photograph and the various special techniques you can achieve with a professional studio background.

Session 1

Theme: Creative Engagement Photography

Photographer: Miguel Quiles

Product Spotlight: White & Black Seamless Paper

Watch how to achieve elegant and romantic engagement photos using just a one light setup. See how seamless paper is very customizable for special events or themes with romantic script for weddings, doodles for photo booths, etc.

Session 2

Theme: Modern Bridal Portraits

Photographer: Miguel Quiles

Product Spotlight: Black Seamless Paper, Black Vinyl, Lakeside Collapsible Backdrop

Discover how to add a modern style to your formal bridal portraits, while comparing the use of black seamless paper vs. black vinyl, as well as the advantages of using a mottled patterned backdrop to achieve the modern look.

See Teaser Photo Gallery>>

Session 3

Theme: Floor Drops: Creating a Faux Home Setting

Photographer: Jacquelynn Buck

Product Spotlight: Handscraped Oak, Whitewash & Classic Tile Floor Drops, Cranberry Washed Muslin Backdrop

Learn different posing and shooting tips for photographing your subject laying or sitting down, as we demonstrate our signature line of floor drops. See how to achieve a faux “home” setting, attaching a wood baseboard to the backdrop and stand for a clean but ornate separation.

See Teaser Photo Gallery>>

Session 4

Theme: Going Bold with Seamless Paper

Photographer: Craig Stidham

Product Spotlight: Canary, Tulip & Baby Blue Seamless Paper

See 3 very bright and bold colors of Savage seamless paper in action for fashion portraiture. Discover how using a bright backdrop can enhance your portraits, and the benefits of specific colors have on conveying a message.


Session 5

Theme: How to Visually Separate Your Model from Your Backdrop

Photographer: David Hakamaki

Product Spotlight: Pure White & Black Seamless Paper

Learn how to separate your subject from your backdrop. Lighting can be trickier when you place a dark haired model onto a black backdrop, or a light haired model on a white backdrop, but a nice separation can still be achieved!

 See Teaser Photo Gallery>>


Grand Prize Giveaway


 Savage photo booth contest winner

We had lots of photographers stop by in between speaking sessions to throw on some props and have fun in our retro photo booth for a chance to win $500 worth of Savage product!

Congratulations to Leighton DaCosta, our winner!

See you at WPPI NEXT YEAR!

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