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Charles Schulz is often quoted as saying, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”  Bringing home a puppy is a joyful experience.  And just like with human babies, the new parents find themselves with camera in hand, documenting every little moment, from sleeping to playing to eating, and everything in between.  But just like human babies, the new bundles of four legged joy deserve a professional portrait session of their very own.

Puppyhood is a fleeting time, lasting only a few months.  During this time, your pup will be rapidly changing.  Some of those changes are good (like losing those razor sharp puppy teeth), and other changes: the pink belly, baby face, and that indescribable puppy breath, will be missed when your pup turns into a full grown dog.

These precious memories of your fur baby’s early months should not just be left to grainy cell phone images or blurry point and shoot pictures.  Anyone who has photographed their dog inside with direct flash, is aware of the “white eye” phenomenon (similar to “red eye” in humans).  Your new best friend deserves a photo session with a professional photographer who can expertly capture the images in a high quality manner.  While a proper portrait session is a financial investment, money spent quickly becomes an investment in the memories of your happy puppy.

Why Are Professional Puppy Pictures Important?

Photo Courtesy of Leigh Demshar, Featuring Bone Seamless Paper

What can a pet parent expect in a professional portrait session with their puppy?  Beautiful, high quality imagery that captures the personality and the physicality of your dog.  Adorable detail shots of whiskers, soft paws, and that wet nose.  Action shots of your pup playing with a favorite toy, running around, and being goofy.  And of course gorgeous portrait images- full body, “head and shoulders”, side profile, and artistic compositions as well.

Some professional pet photographers will meet you on-location: at a park, your backyard, or even an urban setting.  On-location sessions allow use of beautiful natural light, as well as those natural elements of trees, grass, and flowering plants that will accent the coloring of your pet’s fur.  On-location sessions are wonderful, but they present issues for the pet owner to consider, in terms of pet safety.  Because of their unpredictable nature, puppies should always be kept on a leash, or in a secured (solid fenced) location.  I say solid fence because sometimes just a fence isn’t enough!  When my youngest dog was a pup, she would side step through the bars of the iron fence enclosing the backyard.  She would gleefully run around my neighbor’s yard, while I was stuck in our own yard.  With curious noses, pups are eager to investigate, sniff, and even eat their surroundings.  Many plants pose a health risk.  Walking in urban locations can be hard on soft baby paws, and certainly you wouldn’t want your pet to step on glass, or other dangerous bits.

Why Are Professional Puppy Pictures Important?Photo Courtesy of Leigh Demshar, Featuring Baby Blue Seamless Paper

Other pet sessions will take place at the photographer’s studio.  Studio photography is wonderful because, unlike an outdoor session, the weather and time of day doesn’t play a factor in the scheduling of your session time.  At the studio, it’s important to take a few minutes to teach your pup that the bright light of the flash is good (lots of treats), and to get comfortable with the studio environment.  I really enjoy working with the fabulous colors of Savage seamless paper.  Fun, bright colors can emphasize your pet’s playful personality.  Neutral colors help to create a classic, timeless portrait that will bring a smile to your face long after your pup has grown up.  With an extensive palette of seamless colors to work with, there are bound to be a few that complement your pup’s personality and coloring.  Because the seamless background is one continuous roll of paper, there are no lines or distractions to take the eye off of that fuzzy little face.

Your professional pet photographer will also help you select high quality product in which to showcase your portraits.  Whether you treat yourself to an heirloom album, collection of prints, or canvas wall art, you have made an amazing commitment to your relationship with that sweet fur baby.  More than a pet, your puppy is a part of the family, and is so perfectly captured in photographs by a professional portrait photographer.

Leigh Demshar

A Cleveland native, Leigh was fortunate enough to have parents who loved art, and encouraged creativity. With an introductory darkroom course under her belt at age 17, it became obvious that the art and science of photography was to become her passion. Graduating from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Photography and from Tufts University with a Masters of Art in Teaching, Leigh spent 12 years sharing her love of photography with teens in grades 9-12.

Bouncing Light Photography began in 2009, with the goal of creating quality timeless portrait and event images. Over the past 5 years, BLP has been fortunate to be the recipient of numerous awards, including Best of The Knot and Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice. Chewbone Studio, founded in 2010, is the pet division of Bouncing Light Photography and is operated with the guiding philosophy that pets are an equal part of the family unit, and deserve to be captured in modern, professional portraits.


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