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Yaneck & Sasha of Wasio Faces are new fans of our Painted Canvas Backdrop line! The pair have recently been shooting studio (and on-location) portraiture with the Marsala, Ash and Eclipse canvases. In this detailed video review, Yaneck discusses the special features of Savage Painted Canvas and what makes them his favorite, touching on points like the Velcro straps to secure the rolls when storing them away and the durability of the metal core. Check out what else Yaneck has to say in the video below!

*The wood trim feature has been removed from the Savage Painted Canvas Backdrop product line.


Yaneck & Sasha Wasiek

Yaneck & Sasha based in San Diego, CA are the owners and founders of WASIO photography (wedding photography) and WASIO faces (portraits and headshots photography). They are passionate about people and love to tell their stories through photographs.

Yaneck, originally from Poland, and Sasha, originally from Ukraine, met while sailing on Lake Michigan. Their first dates were often while photographing weddings together. Since then Sasha & Yaneck always work together and inspire each other to take their photography to the next level.

Sasha & Yaneck love sharing their knowledge and experience with other photographers. They run a popular YouTube channel and are often invited to teach at workshops and photography organizations.

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