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Okay so first and foremost, let me tell you, that I’m in love with my Edge Lit Pro LED Light Kit! I started using it this summer creating some video and photos with Monica Royal in San Diego.

The Edge Lit Pro LED Light is 12” x 9” and just 1.5” deep (closer to 3” when batteries are attached) weighing only 3.5 lbs. Yes, you can run these on AC power OR take them anywhere and run them off of two SONY batteries that’ll give you up too 75 minutes of light at full power with fully charged batteries! I’ve tested this out, and it’s legit. I honestly couldn’t believe it, so I’m kind of in love and have been stocking up on batteries to keep going for days.

The Edge Lit Pro Light is a bi-color light that’s blendable from 3200K (tungsten) to 5500K (daylight) which lets you use these lights in multiple combinations based on your project needs and ambient levels. With a CRI of 95 and an output power of 1,677 lumens at 3 feet which makes it more powerful and a little bigger than most other LED units on the market currently.

They give off next to no heat and generate no noise at all, making it great for up close video work in small settings where other hot lamps would make things uncomfortable for everyone involved, also reducing the amount of work you’ll have to do cleaning up audio for your projects. One thing that’s great and different with these LEDS compared to most others, is the way they are already diffused. While a lot LEDS are a series of front facing diodes, the Savage Edge Lit Pro Lights are facing sideways/inwards to give an already diffused and softer light naturally. Which eliminates the need of a softbox and additional bulky modifiers. Thus letting you get in closer and letting you work intimately in much smaller spaces! The only thing you’re really going to need for REALLY custom work is some barn doors or a way to flag the light if you need to do some dramatic flare to your setups. Otherwise, out of the box these babies are golden!

I currently have 2 lights, and an ideal situation for this would be to have 3-4 lights to allow for more rim and separation based lighting, but we made it work. In fact the following images were shot using JUST the 2 Edge Lit Lights set in a 2:1 power ratio!

Here are a few pull backs so you can see the full setup, and how it took up just a small amount of space in my living room.

When you buy these lights as a kit, they come with 2 – 7 foot Drop Stands™ which are amazing for in studio quick moves! They are auto-dropping and collapsing legs with an air-cushioned center column for quick & easy movements of your lighting without having to unlock, collapse, move, drop down manually, and relock like traditional stands if you want to move and not trip over anything. All you have to do is place the stand on the ground to extend the legs, and conversely, just pick the light stand up to collapse them! Additionally, the mount point for the stand has a reversible ¼ 20-⅜ spigot stud that can be mounted vertically or horizontally, giving you multiple modifier and mounting options…again…super useful when you’re shooting in tight locations! The 7 foot reach also helps when your subject matter is 6’4” like the model for my shoot here J Word of TNG models in Las Vegas, NV.

As you can see from the images above, we shot in my small 10x14 living room area using JUST the Edge Lit Kit in a split light setup to create some dynamic shots. While you’ll still have to bump up your ISO when shooting in larger apertures, you can definitely create some breathtaking images and video with these lights in pretty much any setting! Thanks to the Drop Stands™, we were able to quickly move the lights around to find a dynamic setup for some dramatic images. The benefit of the constant LED lights is what you see, is what you get! So we could tell exactly how the light and shadows were going to fall before starting to shoot. Once we found our angles…well…we created some fire 😉 The only thing we played with was adding a small reflector to give a little bit of additional fill on the left side of the image (this is where having a 3rd and 4th light would have come in super handy).

Out of the box, these lights are ready to rock, my only suggestion for enhancement out of the box would be to invest in a swivel mount that will let you attach something like barn-doors for flagging on the lights and additional pivot control. Otherwise, pick up a set and enjoy creating!

David Crewe

Canadian born David J. Crewe is a Landscape and Portrait photographer currently based out of Southern California. He is an educator, writer, and freelance photographer for multiple outlets including Fstoppers, Phlearn, Photofocus, Resource Magazine, and Macphun LLC. Over the past few years David has served on the board for the American Society of Media Photographers, Professional Photographers of America, and the American Photographic Artists associations. He has won multiple awards for his work, some of which have been used in Syfy’s Warehouse 13 and NBC’s Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD tv shows.

David picked up his first camera a few years ago and it only took a few “clicks” to realize it was a calling he couldn’t resist! Diving deep into the industry and shooting at every opportunity, David has spent the last few years working on learning everything he could and in turn teaching and sharing all of those lessons through written articles, workshops, and online tutorials.

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