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Match Any Mood with the Savage RGB Pro Panel

The Savage RGB Pro Panel is a soft, shadowless light panel that can handle any need for photo or video! Whether you need to select from 360 separate and distinct colors, fine-tune color temperature accuracy or even create dramatic special effects, this large LED panel can take on the job.

Breaking Down the LED Panel

Color Correction Mode

Operate in CCT mode for optimum control and the ability to match ambient lighting in any room. Span from 3200K all the way to 9999K, setting the brightness and even making fine green adjustments where necessary. 

RGB Mode

Select from 360 colors to enhance the creative mood of your photo or video shoot. Increase or reduce saturation and brightness of a specific color from 0-100%. Also adjust the amount of Red, Green and Blue within each selected color.

Special Effects

Browse 35 distinct light patterns available to achieve an array of desired effects for a video project. Special effects include fade, strobe, pulse, flickering fireplace, party lights, police sirens, TV screen and lightning.

Utilizing Presets for Precise Output

In addition to manual control, presets that simulate various light sources are also available like: tungsten, fluorescent cool light, fluorescent daylight, snow reflection, shadow light and more.

Save your own custom light presets in either CCT or RGB mode to quickly jump back into projects or common settings.

Controlling the RGB Pro Panel

  1. Back panel digital readout
  2. DMX
  3. Savage Light Manager free mobile app available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Exploring the Light Manager Mobile App

Easily and conveniently control this LED video light from anywhere on set with the free Savage Light Manager mobile app.

Functions include:

Savage RGB Pro Panel mobile application

  1. Adjust: allows the user to change color, brightness, Kelvin temperature, save colors, and adjust hue and saturation.
  2. Music: enables the light to pulse (rainbow span) with your music and audio files stored in your media library.
  3. Patterns: allows the user to engage numerous special effects like color fade, strobe, pulse as well as unique patterns like police sirens, TV screen and lightning.
  4. Mood: enables the light to pulse with surrounding sounds.

Powering the RGB Pro Panel

Power the panel with the included AC power cord or via Savage’s Power Lithium Ion V-Mount Battery (sold separately). Light accepts any standard V-mount battery, making it the perfect light for run and gun applications requiring fast set up.