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All Photos Courtesy of Emily Voss

This morning I received the Morning Haze Collapsible Backdrop from Savage Universal! This is my first experience with one of their collapsible backdrops and it did not disappoint. I often shoot corporate headshots on-location in tight office spaces so I was excited to see if this could be an easier option that taking a full backdrop stand and canvas.

Morning Haze Collapsible Backdrop

The backdrop came in a very compact box with a stand and backdrop. The backdrop unfolds like a standard reflector and then easily clips to the top of the stand. You can flip the backdrop horizontal or vertical depending on how many individuals you are looking to accommodate in the image. As opposed to some large reflectors/scrims/backdrops, the Collapsible Backdrop is very easy to refold into a small disk that is very easy to transport. I’m already thinking I might need one in every color for the ease of on-location shooting!

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Morning Haze Collapsible Backdrop

I had a senior portrait session this morning so I decided to try out my new Morning Haze Backdrop. I typically start the session off with a standard portrait on a neutral background in order to fit yearbook requirements. I used two hair lights behind the subject, a large photek on camera right and a fill light on camera left. I placed a reflector beneath the subject. I did not light the backdrop but rather placed the subject fairly close to the drop.  My camera settings were at 1/200, f/4.5 and ISO 100.

Morning Haze Collapsible Backdrop

I tested both sides of the reversible drop and was happy with the tones on both. I tend to lean towards richer colors so I do think I personally will use the darker side with more frequency. All in all I think this particular reversible background is certainly a great value for the ease and versatility of use that it allows! I will most likely use mine most for corporate headshots and yearbook portraits for my seniors!

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