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All Photos Courtesy of Travis Curry

I absolutely love Instagram and have found it to be a useful tool for marketing my Photography business. I use Instagram to connect with my current and potential clients as well as other creatives for collaboration. Instagram is such a great tool for Photographers; I can curate a gallery that shows off my professional images, personal anecdotes and behind the scenes fun. I use my Instagram not only as a quick view portfolio, but for a way to define my own personal brand.

My Instagram account has evolved and changed a lot since I started posting back in 2011. At the end of 2014 I started to really focus on making my feed more cohesive to fit my business’ brand. After a few months of just showing my professional work, I felt like I was missing out on a connection with the people who followed my work. What I wasn’t showing was my process; the behind the scenes and the person behind the camera. I wanted my gallery to be similar to my photography: colorful and vibrant, so I embraced my iPhone’s camera and began to use my Savage Seamless Paper to add a punch of color to my posts! 

The possibilities are truly endless for what you can do with Instagram. Having different backgrounds helps showcase your content and create a cohesive aesthetic of your page. Here are a few tips for using colorful Savage Backdrops in your Instagram photos:

1. Cut & Store Your Most Used Backdrops

To make it easier to access your backdrop for Instagram, cut 3-5 feet of your Savage Seamless Backdrop Paper and store it separately. This can be a great way to recycle the floor part of your paper or salvage the end of a roll of paper. This will give you quick access to all of your favorite colors and save on setup time.

savage seamless paper backgrounds for instagram posting by travis curry

2. Use a Table

I love using a flat table which allows me get close to a window for beautiful natural light shots. I love shooting overhead shots, so my tabletop is low enough where I can get a great angle. I also can setup my portable backdrop stand if I need to create a seamless wall for my images.

savage seamless paper backgrounds for instagram posting by travis curry

3. Use Reflectors and Diffusion

If you’re using window light, diffusing the light will help prevent unwanted color casting with your image. A reflector can help balance out your lighting.

See more: Using Colorful Backdrops & Battling Color Cast

savage seamless paper backgrounds for instagram posting by travis curry

4. Find a Photo Editing App You Love

Instagram’s filters have improved and give you more control of how much filtering the app does. Since I’m a Photographer, I always want to have more control over my image’s final look, so I use Afterlight which allows me to control so much of my photo editing. There are tons of Apps out there like VSCOCam & Square Ready which give you filter and edit options.

savage seamless paper backgrounds for instagram posting by travis curry

5. Coordinate Colors with Your Posts

The fun part about using colorful seamless backdrop paper is that I can coordinate the backdrop to fit my own personal branding and also to coordinate with what I’m shooting. There is a world of opportunities you can create.

savage seamless paper backgrounds for instagram posting by travis curry

6. Utilize Downtime on a Shoot

If your client is in hair & makeup or changing outfits, take a few minutes to style up a behind the scenes shot using your backdrop and studio lights.

savage seamless paper backgrounds for instagram posting by travis curry

If you’d like to see more, you can go ahead and find me @radtrav! Happy Hashtagging!

Travis Curry

Travis Curry is a Professional Photographer who specializes in Fashion, Beauty & Portrait photography. Growing up as a music-loving kid that wanted to be in a boy band & dance in Missy Elliot music videos, Travis has always been drawn to the visual and performing arts. He started his journey as a Photographer in 2008 when he was asked to photograph a wedding with a friend. After falling in love with the art of Photography, Travis used every moment he could get to develop his skills as a Photographer, often photographing many of his performer friends as test subjects. This lead to the true start of his Photography career in 2009. In 2012 Travis began to delve into the world of Fashion Photography and has since grown the commercial side of his business while maintaining his private clients (Headshots + Weddings). Travis is excited to be a Featured Photographer with Savage Universal and hopes to share his creative process and experiences to inspire other photographers! Travis’ work can be seen in publications such as: Jute Magazine, Ellements Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Baltimore Mag, The Baltimore Sun, Washington Blade, Bayside Bride and Glitter Guide. Check out his website here!


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