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Any photographer who utilizes light stands, for off-camera lighting, knows the importance of investing in a quality stand. The safety and security of your lights, and sometimes, subject, depend on it. A good light stand is portable, easy functioning and sturdy – the Savage Drop Stand­™ is all of the above.

Right out of the box, I was very impressed by the quality of material used for this light stand. It’s neither cheap, nor flimsy. The stand easily held my Paul C Buff lights, with 48 inch Octo diffusion – and if you place sand bags at the base of the stand, you’ll have no problem holding heavy diffusion sources, on location.

It’s also easy function – I found the quick closing feature to be surprisingly useful, particularly, if you don’t have light stand wheels or if your shooting on location, and need to move lights quickly.

I took it for a crash course in the busy streets of downtown Ft. Lauderdale. It was as simple as picking the light stand up, which causes it to close – and then placing it down, which causes it to open.

I recommend this light stand for mid to entry level photographers who are shooting on location and want a very easily portable way of moving 1-2 lights, for a basic setup. Or for pro photographers looking for a lightweight, portable stand for quick use.

The only downside, in my professional opinion, is the height. If you have tall models, you my have to have an assistant hold the light stand higher to get that ideal, top-down diffusion. Also, if you are wanting to use very large light diffusers (60+ inches), the stand may bend slightly due to the weight, when at maximum height.

Otherwise, this is a magnificent light stand to have 2-3 of on hand, for easy light portability.

Javier is the founder and emerging photographer of El Roi Photo, a commercial portrait and documentary studio based in Florida. Javier currently works as a team photographer with the largest online pet retailer in the country, Chewy.com, producing commercial content. In addition, Javier creates visual literature that attack different social narratives – primarily, oppressive cultural stigmas.