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Create Flawless Photos & Video Anywhere with the Savage Ringlight Beauty Video Kit.

The Savage Ringlight Beauty Video Kit is the perfect kit for vloggers, photographers and beauticians! The Luminous Pro LED Ringlight presents a soft and and even light with a flattering circular catchlight to showcase hair and makeup flawlessly. A reversible mirror and mounting accessories are included for DLSR and cell phone filming.

The ringlight secures to a 6’ extending light stand which can collapse down to just 20”, making the kit very portable and lightweight.

A reversible, wrinkle-resistant fabric backdrop allows users to opt for a neutral gray or chroma key green color. Cover up any unattractive wall or background by adhering the wall hooks and hanging the backdrop from its metal grommets.

All kit components neatly fit inside a single included carry bag; perfect for any blogger needing to break down their filming set between uses.

What Are Salons Saying?

“We have been using the Savage Ringlight Beauty Video Kit for a couple of weeks now and we couldn’t love it more! It has changed the way we take client photos. Using the light at night has made our pictures look brighter, truer to tone and we are getting a much better response from social media!” – Andie F., owner of The Palm Salon 

What Does the Kit Include?

  • (1) Luminous Pro LED Ringlight
  • (4) Snap-on clear diffusers (5600K)
  • (4) Snap-on warm diffusers (3200K)
  • (1) 6′ Extending light stand
  • (1) 6″ Reversible mirror
  • (1) Cell phone holder
  • (1) Ball head with removable male shoe
  • (1) Adjustable shoe mount
  • (1) DSLR mounting bracket
  • (1) 15″ Flexible arm
  • (1) 5′ x 7′ Reversible polyester backdrop (neutral gray/chroma green)
  • (2) Adhesive wall hooks
  • (1) Carry bag

If you’re a hair stylist or a salon owner, step up your business’s social media style with this kit!