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Start Capturing Professional Product Photography with Just the Press of a Button

If you’re in the midst of launching your own ecommerce storefront, product catalog or looking to revamp your current product photos, the last thing you want to worry about is the daunting task of compiling a full photo studio setup for product photography.

Product photography for hundreds of SKUs can be a full-time task, and choosing the best lighting kit, modifiers and backgrounds to produce consistent, high-key imagery can be an expensive and stressful job that’s last on your list to deal with.

The new Savage Product Pro LED Light Table* offers a complete setup solution to commercial and ecommerce photographers of all levels, to capturing professional-quality product imagery that requires little or no post-production, with just the press of a button. Creative photographers who enjoy experimenting in the studio with custom lighting setups will enjoy utilizing the powerful LED table and overhead lights with colored gels, background sweeps and more, turning bland product shots into something a little more special.

Savage LED Light Table

Provide a Perfect High-Key Background for Small Product Photography with No or Minimal Post-Production Needed

The powerful LED light strips inside the table that brightly illuminate evenly across the surface of the table, paired with four flexible overhead 36 bulb LED lights provide a complete background and high-key lighting setup within one kit. In five easy steps to set up, users will be capturing professional-grade product images. The table slides out of its carry bag and the will require the four 20” flexible arms to be attached to each corner with simple thumb screws. The four overhead lights twist on to the flexible arms and convenient diffusor caps cover each light when soft light applications are desired. Once the table’s AC power supply is plugged into a wall socket, the kit is ready to go. Holding down on the power switch will steadily increase the illumination of the table. To gradually dim the intensity of the table, the user must touch the power switch again without removing their finger until the desired intensity level is reached. Modify the direction and intensity of the overhead lights by adjusting the flexible arms over your subject.

The Savage Product Pro LED Light Table Provides a Platform for Photographic Creativity and Experimentation

With the Product Pro LED Light Table, it’s easier than ever to be creative in the comfort of your own home! Whether it’s for a client or a fun DIY activity, this light table gives you the freedom to get creative with your projects. Utilizing colored gels, specialty background sweeps and other lighting accessories, photographers can create custom styling easily.

Produce a Beautiful Gradient Background with Savage Translum™ Diffusion Material

Grab a tabletop stand or secure a small sheet of Savage Translum™ to the wall to lay a background sweep over the table. Move overhead lights off the background area to create light fall-off that produces a beautiful, even graduated background often seen in product photography like glass, bottles and high-end gadgets.

Add Colored Gels to Your Backlight for Extra Interest

Go one step further and set up a light behind your Translum™ sweep with a colored gel attached, to turn your gray gradient into a colored gradient, or simply place a large gel sheet over the table to turn the under-glow to a special color to enhance the theme of your photo shoot.

Experiment with a Blackout Material like Savage Velveteen for Custom Underlighting

Cut a hole in a blackout material like Savage Velveteen, sweep the background over the table and place the object directly on top of the hole to cover it. This application will exclusively light the subject with an eye-catching under-glow to stand out amidst a completely black background.

The Savage Product Pro LED Light Table provides a whole background and lighting setup for busy commercial and editorial photographers. It also provides a foundation for creative setups and offers an easy-to-use solution for ecommerce photographers of all levels.