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Photographers tasked with capturing high-volume portraits at events or other locations look for a lightweight, portable and easy to set-up background system that will still deliver a flawless set in any corner. The Savage Backdrop Travel Kits are just that solution! A one-piece stand folds out and locks into place with several adjustments – no messing with extra arms or losing separate pieces. The plush polyester background is wrinkle-resistant, which means you won’t waste time steaming it smooth before each use. The star-shaped stand design with hanging hooks pulls the backdrop taut from top to bottom for a smooth and seamless portrait background.

Key Features


  • 100% Plush polyester material provides opaque background
  • Measures 5 ft wide x 7 ft tall (1.52m x 2.13m)
  • Includes 5 metal grommets along top and bottom for hanging
  • Non-reflective, glare-free
  • Sewn edges
  • Includes 3″ rod pocket along top edge
  • Extends to the floor allowing for up to ¾ body portraits


  • Aluminum construction
  • One-piece design
  • Includes hook for hanging sand bag for extra support (sand bag not included)
  • 70″ Deep footprint
  • Star-shaped arm design pulls backdrop taut to eliminate wrinkles

Black Backdrop Travel Kit

The Black Backdrop Travel Kit is a a great neutral opaque backdrop that will fit your headshot needs!

Also available in a floor extended 5′ x 12′ size.

Green Backdrop Travel Kit

Add a pop of color to your portraits with the Green Backdrop Travel Kit! This non-reflective, glare-free backdrop is perfect for spring or summer headshots. You can also use this backdrop for your green screen adventures!

White Backdrop Travel Kit

The Savage White Backdrop Travel Kit provides a crisp, clean, bright backdrop for your clients. White is the perfect portrait backdrop because nearly any client looks good on it!

Also available in a floor extended 5′ x 12′ size.

Gray Backdrop Travel Kit

Another great neutral backdrop, our Gray Backdrop Travel Kit provides a timeless neutral tone that can be used for anything from professional headshots to high fashion portraits.