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We are excited to share yet another recent photo shoot from our Project Pet Portraits! Darlene Woodward of Pant the Town Pet Photography was kind enough to volunteer her time and services to do a photo shoot on our Gray Sky Seamless Paper for her local MSPCA at Nevin’s Farm in Methuen, MA. She did an adorable winter snow themed session to help these loving dogs find a new home!

Darlene also teaches dog training classes at Nevin’s Farm where she photographs adoptable dogs. Along with posting photos to Petfinder and Pet Harbor, she runs a Facebook page, “Who’s a Good Dog at Nevin’s Farm“, with another volunteer who does the pooch write-ups which further promotes the wonderful adoptable dogs from the shelter.

Emma is a Pit who we dolled up as one of Santa’s reindeer. She was a trooper! Just an adorable little meatball with a glowing personality looking for love.

Gary is a super handsome Shepherd Mix who we think could definitely be a “dog model” and plaster the covers of “Mutt Quarterly” magazine. He is newly up for adoption!

Goggles is a handsome, goofy Pit who looks super stylish in a plaid flannel scarf looking to be Home for the Holidays!

 I usually photograph outdoors, but several times a year, especially during the colder months, I like to set up indoors – the frigid days can be brutal! I go once a week, make my list of dogs that are either already on the adoption floor or soon to be, and I’ve got a great group of volunteers that act as “wranglers” My setup is simple. I use 1 Alien Bee 800 with a medium soft box. The seamless paper for this shoot was “Gray Sky”. I thought it would work perfect for both a “winter scene” or “Holiday theme”! I chose to use a snow overlay to add some fun!”