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Product photography can be a lot of fun!

It can also be quite complex and notoriously time-consuming… There are tons of  tools out there, so its easy to find yourself spending more time setting up and managing your equipment than shooting the product. When that happens; the fun may seem to run out quickly. The Savage Product Pro LED Light Table is built to eliminate the headaches and make shooting products fun again!

A big upside to shooting products – unlike portraits, weddings, or events – is that your subjects will typically hold still long enough for you to get the shot you want. That’s not to say that it’s easy! Creating beautiful product photos can still pose a number of challenges, and often what we might imagine as being the ideal image, can still be tough to capture on the first try. 

Important considerations for beautiful product photos include:

  • Achieving well balanced lighting from multiple angles
  • Getting a bright, seamless white background without blowing out the subject
  • Eliminating undesirable shadows while at the same time creating intentional ones
  • Avoiding unwanted reflections
  • Using light to enhance textures and fine details
  • Being able to reliably replicate a setup to capture future products with consistency

While all of these factors are common to any kind of product photography, shooting very small items can add further to the complexity: working in tighter spaces, on a smaller scale, closer to the subject and with smaller light sources. 

To achieve even lighting, it helps to have multiple light sources that are sized appropriately in comparison to the subject. Larger sources of light create soft, even illumination without harsh shadows, while smaller sources allow detailed control and more defined shadows.   

The video lights included with the Product Pro LED Light Table are just the right balance of size and dimmable functionality to give you full position and output control to precisely craft your shot.

Achieving a completely white background

Completely white product backgrounds are very popular in product photography and can be created in a variety of ways.

  1. One method is to photograph the subject against a very brightly lit fabric or paper sweep.
  2. Another method is to photograph against any neutral backdrop and then digitally extract the subject.
  3. A third method is to back light the background and/or the surface the product is on.

Lighting objects from beneath can typically be tricky. Translucent product tables are often too lightweight and flexible to sturdily support items that usually benefit most from under-lighting, such as stemware or glass containers. A solution such as positioning a strobe beneath a thick sheet of Plexiglas will work, but setup can be time consuming, hot spots are almost unavoidable, and consistently diffusing the light can be difficult.

The Product Pro LED Light Table solves all of these issues. It provides a flat, even, rigid surface on which to work, includes four dimmable LED lights on flexible positioning arms, and makes a flawless white background easy because the table is lit from within. Photograph from above (directly or at an angle) to achieve an even white backdrop or a gorgeous gradual gradient. Consider adding a back-lit Translum sweep for larger/taller objects to achieve the same effect.

Set up the Product Pro LED Light Table in minutes

Setting up the Product Pro LED Light Table is quick and easy. All five lights (including the table itself) are diffused and dimmable, allowing you to fine-tune each angle of light to best flatter the subject. The four articulating arms can be positioned into limitless configurations in front of, beside, above or even behind the subject.

Light, portable, affordable and effective; the Savage Product Pro LED Light Table should be in every product photographer’s gear arsenal.

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