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Savage Universal is a proud sponsor of HeARTs Speak, providing top quality photography gear for their innovative Perfect Exposure Project which brings in-depth training workshops and resources to animal shelter organizations nationwide in order to grow their marketing and photography programs.


This is an excerpt from an article published on ConsumersAdvocate.org by Scott Smith. Read the full article here.

Hearts Speak is a 501C3 nonprofit organization comprised of more than 600 artists making sure every shelter pet has a chance of being adopted. Their motto says it best: “Creating a World Where No Shelter Animal Goes Unseen.” The artists offer their services Pro Bono to maximize the chances of animals getting adopted. They already have their own careers. But when you’re this gifted, what’s better than giving those gifts away?! — HeARTs Speak’s artists have chosen a life of service. A life of “We” instead of “Me,” because every voice matters.

The artists of HeARTs Speak span across a vast array of professions: photographers, writers, painters, graphic designers, illustrators, and so on. The one commonality that connects every one of them is their love for animals. They are literately a Love Army.

The organization was founded by Lisa Prince Fishler in 2010. Its creation was inspired by her rescue Pit Bull mix, Iggy. Lisa is a big-time animal lover and has always had a kinship with them. Initially, it was the amazing pictures of Iggy from the rescue organization that drew Lisa in. From there, she started volunteering at Animal Farm Foundation. Drawing from her own experience with photography and adoptable pets like her Iggy, Lisa strategically used pictures to help Animal Farm Foundation’s rescues get adopted as well.

Having seen the benefits of using art to save animal’s lives, Lisa created a Facebook page called HeARTs Speak with the purpose of building a community where artists come together to share, collaborate and, bottom line, save lives. Artists from around the world started flocking to the HeARTs Speak community.

Read the full article on ConsumersAdvocate.org>>