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Allow us to introduce two adorable foster puppies who recently found “fur-ever” homes thanks in part to photographer Lisa Jennings and the New York PawSafe Rescue.

The black & white pup is Odette and the other black pup is Victor. Odette’s brothers, sisters and mom were all owner surrenders, but tragically, Victor and his siblings were rescued from underneath a home. Lisa described to us, “I don’t know how some of these babies survived in the cold weather.”

Lisa Jennings is a professional photographer who volunteers at her local rescue organization, Stepping Stones Canine Fosters. You can visit more of her work at Lisa Jennings Photography and on her Facebook page. We asked her to give us some behind-the-scenes commentary on this Savage Crimson Seamless Paper photo shoot with Odette and Victor.

For this shoot, I had a 3′ x 4′ softbox on camera right, a reflector to camera left (for bounce) and a highlight from behind. I literally go to the rescue, so I need ease and portability. The 53” backdrop was the perfect size! I like using paper with the puppies, because there are usually accidents and it’s just so easy to tear that piece off after you’re done taking pics. Odette’s litter was a little hyper, so my daughters, who also volunteer for the rescue, helped get them in place, so that I could shoot super-fast. Victor was much easier to photograph because he had been asleep.

I normally shoot 20-25 dogs every two weeks, so sometimes it gets hard to be creative. However, the rescues have told me that the images have helped place the dogs, so I try my best.

Photography can be used to help people and animals in so many ways, so we continue to applaud and support those artists who dedicate their time to making this world a better place!

Are YOU a professional photographer who volunteers your services for your local pet rescue? We want to hear from you! Find out more information on how you can be sponsored by Savage to assist your upcoming adoption photo sessions.