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Photography Workshop Events

Jessica Whitaker founded the company Build + Bloom in hopes of building “community over competition” in the photography industry. From Build + Bloom stemmed SISTERXSISTER which is a networking group for young girls interested in media.

Recently, SISTERXSISTER used our Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus and Seamless Paper paired with a couple adorable props to create a hands on setup! Ambassador for Build + Bloom, Laura Ulrich, said, “Our meet-ups are encouraging, empowering, and educational networking events for women in media that are held on the third Saturday of every month in 14 different US cities, starting back up March 2019. They are FREE events, and they are so much fun. Next time, I hope you’ll join us!”

Jessica Whitaker

JessicaWhitakerProfileJessica Whitaker is a portrait photographer based out of New York City who began getting serious about her photography in 2010. Fast forward to 2019, Jessica is not only a photographer but is also a photography educator and the founder of the educational non-profit, Build and Bloom®. Jessica fills in the gap for young photographers between talent and opportunity through her non-profit. She also provides free photography educational resources to help young entrepreneur further their businesses in YouTube, her online photography marketing workshop, Facebook group, and with Build and Bloom®.

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