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Recently, pet photographer and HeARTs Speak member, Amanda Strozeski, worked with our Marmalade Seamless Paper to capture some MARVELOUS adoption photos!

Amanda told us: “I work with Peaceable Kingdom, in Whitehall, PA. It is a small, no-kill shelter – always full of sweet dogs! Anyone who volunteers in a shelter knows that it isn’t always the best background for a beautiful photo. Due to the small size of the building, I have tended to shoot outdoors in the past – but now, Savage Seamless allows me to turn any small space in the shelter into my own little studio. It’s easy to set up on my own and tough enough to stand up to some powerful paws. I have multiple colors, and each one photographs well. It also works well when photographing our dogs in foster homes, to help keep consistency with the other dogs at the shelter. Savage Seamless works well for me, because it’s tough and easily transportable.”


Amanda Strozeski

Savage Universal Featured PhotographerAmanda Strozeski is a professional animal rescue photographer based out of Pennsylvania. She is a member of HeARTs Speak, an international nonprofit organization uniting art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals. She is an Instagram influencer, along with her constantly smiling dog at @itsmisterbarclay. She also works on the marketing team at Olympus, and is an advocate for the wonders of shooting mirrorless. She has spoken at events like Imaging USA and loves to share her photography experiences with others.  


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