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Recently editorial and portrait photographer Elaine Torres created a tutorial on how to evenly light your backdrops with just one light. In this tutorial she uses our ModMaster™ Multi-Fabric Softbox. She explains why she chose this softbox by saying, “The key element is in the size and type of modifier you’re using. To achieve this, I prefer to use medium to large octaboxes or parabolic umbrellas. This is why I decided to use the Savage Universal 78’’ ModMaster™ Multi-Fabric Octobox for the tutorial. The octobox’s circular shape and large size allows me to spill the light into the background evenly around the model, and to light up the body and face at the same time. Always remember to avoid using a grid, since we need to intentionally allow the light to spill.”

Check out some final images in the gallery below!

Interested in learning more? Check out Elaine’s blog on SLR Lounge!

Elaine Torres

Elaine Torres Elaine Torres was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and is currently an Editorial and Portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Elaine graduated from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco with a Master’s degree in Art for Commerce Photography, specializing in color and visual composition. Her passion for sharing her knowledge in creative photography led to the launch of her YouTube channel, where she shares studio tutorials and photography related videos. You can also find her tutorials featured on photography channels and blogs like ISO1200, SLR Lounge, and Adorama TV, where she recently got included as one of their hosts.

“I take pride in my Hispanic culture, and I represent it in the way I work with color and light. My goal is always to awaken curiosity in everyone who looks at my work, to spark the interest to ask questions and admire the combination of beauty and oddity.”

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