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Guest review courtesy of Britni Jordan, Owner of Arizona Beauty Co.

Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus in Action

“I’ve been licensed in the beauty industry for over 5 years, and I’ve been obsessed with make up for 20. Today, I spend my days perfecting the art of permanent makeup. I have over 15,000 photos of my client’s service results, and most of the images are poor quality, until now. To capture the service is incredibly hard because the skin tones change with the outdoor lighting and my before and after pictures look completely different depending on certain times of day. In addition to the pictures being low-quality even with the BEST cameras, my clients wouldn’t want me to post their pictures because they didn’t like the way they looked in my harsh salon lighting. Previously, my employees and I were using a light from a competing brand. Our old light was twice as much in cost and not nearly as amazing as the Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus I received from Savage Universal.

Prior to receiving my Savage light, I had used two different ring lights, and the third time was definitely the charm! We will be replacing all lighting in the salon with the Savage ring light. When the light arrived, I wasn’t sure if it would make a noticeable difference in my photographs and boy, was I wrong! Since getting the light, I’ve posted the best depictions I’ve ever captured of my work and my clients. Not only have we booked a ton of appointments because we are able to show the most incredible photographs of our clients, people who come into the salon and see the light are dying to take selfies in it! Even the neighboring companies have walked by, seen the ring light, and come in to take a picture with it. One of my employees said, ‘I’m going to need to bring this light with me everywhere, it’s so amazing!’ Savage also provides incredible backdrops so your Instagram/social media photos are PERFECTION. I cannot live without this light now, I’m just too spoiled by the great pictures I am able to take with it. It is worth every penny and more. This is a game changer!”