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Primary Red Seamless Paper for Holiday Pet Portraits

Pet Photographers Laura Inglis and Claude Sawyer did a wonderful pet adoption photo shoot on our Savage Primary Red Paper. They did an amazing job shooting dogs, cats, and even bunnies! We are in love with the photos and so thankful for their partnership and willingness to help these animals. We wanted to share with you what Laura had to say:

Mutt Shots Pet Portraits was created out of my father, Claude Sawyer, and my passion for rescue animals. At first we just donated our time to photograph animals looking for a home, but soon started our business of taking photos of family pets, still helping rescue animals by donating 10% of every session and continuing to photograph them as well. We work closely with Rottie Empire Rescue and the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society. This year with the support of Savage, we created a Home for the Holidays campaign for the shelter. Our set up was our main light in a soft box, camera right and a fill light with an umbrella, camera left. We used the 107” backdrop which was perfect as it allowed plenty of space for the volunteers to work with getting the dogs in the perfect spot. There’s really nothing better than Savage paper for photographing dogs. It is strong and holds up to lots of nails, drool and other “accidents.” We photographed every available pet at the shelter that day, which included dogs, cats and bunnies. This Primary Red was fabulous. Perfect for the holidays and a great color in general. The photos were shared on social media by the shelter as well as a local radio station who used 12 of the photos for their “12 Strays of Christmas” campaign. By Christmas day, 20+ animals that we photographed had been adopted! In addition we used this backdrop for our annual Pet Photos with Santa, which raised over $600 for Rottie Empire Rescue. While we love taking photos of family pets, our heart’s work is rescue. Thank you to Savage for supporting us and so many other photographers out there helping change the image of what a rescue animal is. From sad, behind cage photos to vibrant images that showcase the animals personality. Any company can make a product, but a company that supports this type of work is one that you will always feel good doing business with. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”