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Photos Courtesy of Terran Bayer

I had my All-American Pet Photo Day mini sessions this weekend with the Savage Whitewash Floor Drop. It was INCREDIBLE! The print hid the dirt and proved to be a HUGE time-saver in post-production — no cleaning up dirty floors! Added bonuses from the floor drop included being able to use it on a carpeted surface thanks to its construction and not a single dog was scared or had trouble standing on it because of the finish. The 8’x8′ size was perfect, too. It allowed me maximum flexibility and I was able to fit families and their dogs on it. Everyone loved the set design and, once again, I’m absolutely thrilled with Savage’s product!

all american pet photo shoot terran bayer

Terran Bayer

Terran Bayer is an award-winning professional pet photographer and graphic designer based in San Diego, California. Through her business, Westway Studio, Terran specializes in capturing the hearts and souls of our four-legged family members. Their time with us goes by so quickly and she takes pride in being able to provide families with lasting memories that celebrate every pet's individual personality. 


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