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Photo shoots aren’t always standard projects, especially when working with big clients, creative sets, quick deadlines or limited space, which means your equipment needs to be able to go above and beyond, just like you.

If you’re looking for a backdrop system that can do more than the average stand, check out the unique advantages of our multi-function studio stands and find out how they can improve your photo shoot workflow.

Multiple Polevault Stand

Our tried and true Multiple Polevault Stand has become a staple for high-traffic portrait and commercial studios over the years. Instead of the standard one-crossbar setup that is most commonly seen, this heavy-duty stand holds brackets for 3 crossbars.

savage multiple polevault stand


Three crossbars allow for a photographer to hang multiple backdrops before a photo shoot, and quickly and easily switch between various looks during the session, without taking inconvenient breaks to exchange backdrops off the stand, which can be difficult when handling large rolls, especially without an assistant. Just unclasp and roll out the second and third backdrop options when ready for a new style.

The first two crossbars extend to 10′ 4″ wide, while the third bar can extend up to 12′ 7″ to accommodate an extra-wide seamless paper or cloth backdrop.

savage multiple polevault stand

Upright Stands

Weighing a total of 33 lbs, this aluminum constructed stand is strong and durable. A matte black finish adds a quality, clean look to the support system. The best part is… no tools are required to set it up. Each of the two upright stands opens to 9′ 7″ tall and collapses down to 5′ 3″. The Multiple Polevault Stand is ideally left set in a studio, rather than broken down and transported from location to location.

Universal Background Stand

Our new Universal Background Stand is perhaps our most versatile support system yet: a multi-function, configurable stand with heavy-duty aluminum collars that is advantageous for large studios or theater productions.

We named it the Universal Background Stand because it gives the user unprecedented flexibility. Use for extra-wide applications as large as 10′ tall x 24′ wide, or utilize the unique middle bracket attached to the center stand to pivot the third leg to set in the corner of your studio, or any angle you wish. Transition looks with efficiency and ease during a photo session by taking just a few steps to one side.

Note that the center bracket atop the middle stand cannot be removed, and so to achieve a seamless 24′ wide background, the user must clamp the material over the crossbars, instead of sliding a core all the way across.

savage universal background stand


No one likes a saggy backdrop, especially us! These upgraded crossbars are reinforced with interlocking sections that eliminate sag. Each of the two crossbars consist of 4 sections. Utilizing all 4 will allow you to accommodate two 12′ wide muslin or other cloth backgrounds, however the crossbars can be set with just 3 sections as well, when 10′ wide applications are preferred for paper or vinyl rolls.

savage universal background stand

savage universal background stand

Upright Stands

The three heavy-duty uprights with large footprints (35″) make for ideal light stands as a secondary use. Feel secure supporting large lights and background rolls, knowing the stands are ultra air-cushioned and will not let heavy equipment come crashing down.

It has not one, but two locks for the tripod base, so the feet will not slip. It also comes with a reversible 1/4″-20 / 3/8″ adapter on top, which is another feature making it ideal for light stand use.

Don’t miss the Savage blue brackets on this new stand as well. We’re proud of the quality of this design and want it to show!

Do you use background stands or wall mounted systems in your studio?

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