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With the introduction of three new Savage Widetone Seamless Paper Background colors this season, we turned to our Facebook community to find out which of these new shades was the fan favorite. We asked how YOU would use your new favorite color in your studio if you got your hands on a roll – here are just some creative photo shoots you envisioned for Flamingo, Lemonade or Plum seamless paper. Let this list spark your imagination for your next studio shoot!

Flamingo Seamless Paper

Naturally, this is a great background for commercial fashion and beauty, but I immediately thought of a small business owner wanting to keep a commercial clean look, but still wanting to pack in a ton of personality. I want to photograph the local organic baker or the clay sculptor opening their online pottery shop on this. Big smiles and big personality only for this setup! –Kia Lola

My mind immediately thought of a simple maternity session. Vintage lace, flowers in moms hair, and soft natural lighting. With a light matte or hazy finish, I believe it would be different and beautiful. Not your average maternity session. Classically hippie if you will… I have done so many shoots with bone, and would love something very different to try. –Jamie McKnight

It reminds me of the classic 40s and early 50s Pinup art. I would use it to recreate one of these type of images with a modern twist. It would have to, of course, have a strong nod to these classic images. –Larry Pollock

savage flamingo seamless paper backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

Fun head shots for my local salon stylists! –Darcie Rose

I volunteer at the Sheboygan County Humane Society weekly, photographing the adoptable pets. We’ve been using Savage seamless papers for years! However it can get espensive especially since the dogs and cats tend to dirty them up fast. Both are blue and green colors are completely trashed and usually involve a lot of Photoshop to fix up after (if we ever use them). We recently got marmalade and love it! But we could use another fun color. We’ve never had a pink. Such a fun color. We would use this for adoptable pets to show them off to get adopted! – Breanna Weber

The perfect photo shoot would be a tween glitter session. – Anicee Calhoun

The peachy color is gorgeous! I can picture myself shooting tropical themed fashion images with this colorful paper roll! –Roberta Wells

I would do a mother and daughter tea shoot. –Ashley Human

It’s a bright cheery color and it would be perfect for a girl’s birthday photoshoot, senior photoshoot, or smash the cake session. –LeeAnn Thies

savage flamingo seamless paper backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

It is such a bright and punchy spring color. It would make a wonderful bright backdrop to an editorial full of white soft lace and feminine details. -Sarah Rollins

I think the perfect shot would be a funky beauty/fashion editorial featuring chunky jewelry, 90s denim, and big glammed out Beyonce hair. –Sarah Perreira

I would love to use it in my Cosplay photoshoots. –James Rippe

Why not shoot REAL flamingos against the #92 Flamingo Savage backdrop? Seriously could’t get any better than this. –Camilla Myrrha

I’d love to take photos of toddlers and young children eating juicy watermelon with this backdrop! So sweet. –Mandy Erickson

Lemonade Seamless Paper

Beyoncé themed shoot for fun. – Booker Roy

I would use it in a fantasy shoot with fairies and babies. I think it’d be great for a newborn shoot. –Tammy Christner

It would be perfect for Spring time cake smash sessions! I can see the beautiful lemon, white, and gray props and cake for all those adorable little ones celebrating their first birthdays!! ♡ – Marie Mercier

I love the Lemonade and it’s the perfect color for Springtime! I can see the studio with this fresh bright lemonade backdrop paper as the perfect compliment to a fun photo shoot featuring a young family dressed in their comfortable springtime attire with the mom and dad and their young children, playing together with beach balls on a big blanket and beach umbrella, with some sand scattered on the floor for effect. What a great fun Spring or summer family portrait! –Robert Lewis Sr.

savage lemonade seamless paper backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

I would use it for a newborn shoot with nuetrals, a cake smash, birthday shoot, or lemonade stand mini sessions. – Jaclyn Higgins

I see so many options! I could do a bright sunshine summer scene with a little girl or turn it to the farm and do John Deere colors with a farm boy or keep it simple and sassy with a tween! –Brandie Koenig

Lemonade is my favorite and I would use it for my next Senior shoot. I love to use confetti and the bright yellow would be perfect for a confetti shot. –LeAnn Phillips

I shoot on Savage seamless paper constantly for promotional shoots, and this July I’ll be shooting for Women’s Wrestling Revolution in Providence, Rhode Island. I think the gold of that new backdrop would be a great backdrop for the colorful and powerful competitors who I’ll be shooting that night! –Harry Aaron

This would be so fun for a spring session. I’m picturing daisies and a white dress! Just simple! –Heather Dupree

savage lemonade seamless paper backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

It can be used for headshots, babies, children, seniors and fashion. If I had a roll of lemonade I would play around with putting color gels on it to play with complementary hues of blue! –Amanda Pratt

I think lemonade would be amazing for a Belle/Beauty and the Beast cake smash!! –Kristen Frederick

I am a vintage pin up photographer and I use Savage on almost every shoot! I’d love to use the lemonade for my candy shop set! It’s filled with candy, a soda shop table set and a of course more candy! –Brandy Chase

I think it would be perfect for a pink lemonade stand photo shoot. Couldn’t be much more perfect for summer! –Kassia Mason

I love them all but the lemonade is the sweetest 😉 I specialize in belly to baby and I think the lemonade would be perfect for all of that. I can picture one of my pregnant mom’s in my white maternity gown just glowing so softly in light, a baby just sitting in the sweet pink jumper I have or even a cake smash with frosting all over! Ooooo or an adorable new baby just days old propped so sweetly in a dark brown basket with a wrap to match. Just too many ideas with such a perfectly versatile color! Boy girl, man woman, senior or newborn lemonade is the perfect color to complement any shoot. -Jessica Porter

That color would be perfect for Beauty, Fashion or Fitness. -Myke Yeager

I primarily shoot newborn and children. This would be perfect for a sunflower theme session or a swim suit/fun in the sun theme. –Rose Reid

Plum Seamless Paper

I envision it as part of an intimate boudoir session combined with dramatic lighting. Va-va-voom! I’d even like to try my hand at making large paper flowers for some added texture and interest. –Lasha McPherson

I’d photograph Hendrix. He’s my neighbor down the hall. He’s tall, dark and very handsome. He has a playful way about him and great energy. You just want to be around him 24/7. That plum color would look amazing against his coloring….he’s a labradoodle and he deserves a great portrait taken of him. He truly looks like a plush teddy bear. Hendrix would be a great addition to my portfolio. Pet photography is a segment i would love to explore. –Diane Oconnor

Plum would be a great background color for a high fashion session with matching makeup and wardrobe. – Antonio Salazar, Jr

savage plum seamless paper backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

It’s gorgeous color would be the perfect backdrop for the adoption photos I do for local animal rescues! – Dawn Rotta

I would love to use it for a gold glitter session with a little girl! –Angela Peters

Would be perfect for a vintage cake smash session or a sassy senior! –Angi Gibbons

You can use this eye-pleasing shade in almost any setup. Who doesn’t love purple?!? It is such a regal color and I would love to use it as part of a fantasy themed setup with flowers everywhere, beautiful greenery to compliment the purple seamless backdrop, and maybe a fairy! Like seeing a dream! – Ashley Baker

I’d be plum crazy not to use it for my senior sessions! The pop of color is perfect for everyone from high school seniors to first birthday cake smash sessions. –Erin Denny

Plum for those pretty little dancers. Girls cake smash or a stylish little dude with a Fedora. –Jackie Backman

Plum would be great for a ‘Prince’ themed tribute shoot. –Ricardo Reyes

It seems like an incredible color for fall fashion against all of the earth tones and heavier fabrics in the fall collections. –Jim McCourt

savage plum seamless paper backdropPhoto by Ryan Walsh

High fashion beauty with cherries, plums & summer fruit. –Marina Zinshteyn

It would be great to use for a friend’s kindergarden class and their graduation into the first grade. I think that would be absolutely adorable to hand out to the parents the day of the celebration. –Sam Erdmann

Perfect for spring, I would love to do a little girl in white surrounded by flowers against it! –Alaina Armbruster

Do you have a special photo setup idea that Flamingo, Lemonade or Plum would be especially great for? Share it with us in the comments below!

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