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J.Q. Louise is a lifestyle photographer based in Boston. She has her first book coming out this summer titled, “Boston Food Crawls,” which features plenty of her mouth watering food photography. You should also check out her popular food and travel Instagram account and her blog for more of her work!

Tabletop Photography

As a photographer who often works with small products for website catalog shoots or social media content, the Savage PRO LED Light Table and Effects Kit makes these projects a breeze!

Optimized for tabletop photography, the Light Table combined with the effects kit gives you a lot of flexibility—all right out of the box!

The LED Light Table comes with the light table itself and 4 fully adjustable mini lights (and diffuser sleeves for those lights). And the Effects Kit comes with white and black seamless paper (multiple sheets of each), plenty of fake ice cubes and a stand for the paper. Both of these products together really give you a versatile tabletop photography solution.

Like any other Savage lighting product, the small adjustable lights on the light table are just great. Clean, bright, white light, already softly diffused and even more so when you use the diffuser hoods, it’s just what you want when shooting macro subjects. And for small products, this solution makes the process a lot faster, rather than adjusting external larger lights.

The Effects Kit is also fantastic straight out of the box. The white and black seamless paper sheets are perfect for most product shoots. And don’t worry it comes with plenty of fake ice cubes! So for beverage shots, you are good to go!

And as you can see, I have the 15’’x 15’’ version of the light table, which is the perfect size for jewelry, skincare, makeup and other small items. Savage does it again; the Pro LED Light Table and Effects Kit definitely simplifies macro photography!

Do you run a blog site? What kind of photography equipment do you use to enhance your product or social imagery?