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Article submitted by photographer Kelly Walkotten. Find Kelly on Google+, Youtube and Flickr.

Product Photography Lighting

Ever wonder how the pros capture close-up still life with such great lighting? A friend and I spent an entire evening photographing a variety of items on the 22″ Savage Product Pro LED Light Table. The Product Pro is a fun and easy way to photograph flowers, leaves, jewelry, glass, feathers, shells, or any still life you can fit on the tray.

The Savage Pro LED Light Table ships complete with four small LED lights, mounted on four flexible arms, which mount on the table. Each LED light comes complete with a power cord for charging. The flexible arms worked great for positioning the lights as needed to illuminate the subject. I was able to rake light across my subject for a nice even background. The small LED lights provided a consistent color temperature from light to light. Also included are diffusers that fit over the small lights. The downfall of the lights is that the batteries last approximately 40 minutes, however the power cord for each light can be plugged in and powered by a power strip for extended use under AC, rather than battery.

The table itself is also bottom lit, and the bottom light can be dimmed if needed. Nice, even lighting was achieved through adjustment using the flexibility offered by the four LED lights and the bottom-lit tray. The table is lightweight and yet sturdy. It fit nicely on a card table. A lightweight case is provided for storing all the items that come with the kit. I found the table easy to use. It was fun photographing the variety of subjects. The table is well made and priced very affordably.

Our club bought more of them to set up and use at a photography conference. We believe it will be a popular studio activity for our attendees. I recommend the Savage Product Pro LED Light Table to anyone who wants to photograph close-ups for personal or commercial use.