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Follow these steps to set up your Savage Port-A-Stand with a 53” roll of Seamless Paper.

Before getting started, think about your location. You’ll need at least 8-1/2 feet across to accommodate the Port-A-Stand which have a maximum height of 8’10” and a minimum height of 4 feet. Choose your space so that you can stand back from the Port-A-Stand at least 10 feet to assure a decent shooting distance from your model. And use a solid, even surface so that the seamless paper can lay flat without wrinkling.  

1. Unzip the black carrying bag and remove the Port-A-Stand and the Horizontal Crossbar. 

2. Unwrap the Port-A-Stands and Horizontal Crossbar from the bubble wrap.

3. Place the first Port-A-Stand in position and hold it upright.

4. Erect the Port-A-Stand by loosening the twisting lock and pulling the legs out wide, then tightening the lock to secure the Port-A-Stand into position. 

5. Extend the Vertical Upright by loosening the twisting lock and pulling upwards. Extend from the bottom section first to ensure a sturdy foundation. Secure at the desired height by tightening the lock. 

6. Position and erect the other Port-A-Stand about 5-1/2 feet from the first. Adjust the height of the Vertical Upright until it’s the same as the first Port-A-Stand.

7. Now you can prepare the Seamless Paper for hanging. Remove it from the box and place it lengthwise in front of the Port-A-Stands.

8. Carefully cut the holding tape on the paper roll with a knife. 

9. Insert the Horizontal Crossbar into the paper roll until it extends equally at both ends by about 3”.

10. Raise the paper roll and Horizontal Crossbar as one unit up toward the tips of the Port-A-Stands.

11. Lower the Horizontal Crossbar onto the tip of a Port-A-Stand so that the tip penetrates the hole in the Horizontal Crossbar.

12. Now lower the other end of the Horizontal Crossbar onto the other Port-A-Stand in the same manner.

13. This photo shows how to correctly position the Horizontal Crossbar before lowering onto the Port-A-Stand.

14. Lower the Horizontal Crossbar where the hole allows the tip of the Port-A-Stand to poke through.

15. Now you can unroll your paper backdrop by gently pulling down.

16. Lower the paper to the floor and then out about five feet.

17. Use clips to secure the paper roll in place once you have it hanging at the desired length. You can use sandbags or weights to secure the free end of the seamless paper.

18. Place your model on the seamless paper and start shooting!

Elias Butler

Elias Butler is a professional photographer and writer based in Arizona. He's written a book titled "Grand Obsession" and has been published in Sierra, USA Today, and Arizona Highways among many others. See Butler's website here.


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