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Have you ever fallen into a creative rut with your photography? How did you get inspired again? 

We took this question to our Facebook followers this month, and read a lot of great answers that we wanted to pass along to our blog readers as advice for the next time YOU need to get inspired!


“After going through a creative dry spell I like to immerse my self in color! Whether it Be going to the woods or the beach and seeing color in nature or just drawing and Painting in my apartment.”

Angel Prado

I take a break and distance myself from photography for a day or two, no editing, no shooting, watching classic movies will always inspire me some way. That’s how I make my eyes see things done in different ways.

-Luciana Justice

I like to watch (and photograph!) another artist at work.  Last year, I wandered into a glass-blowing workshop I’d heard about — I wound up making some great new friends and finding an incredibly energizing new place to shoot!

-David Lambert

I get lost. Literally. I jump into the car with my camera, drive to a location I’ve never been before and shoot for me. Gas prices and my wife’s health has restricted this recently but it’s the best way to get my juices going again.

Jeff Slater

Go back to the basics, my instructor Dean Collins always preached to me ‘just one light’. So that is what I do I go back to one light and see how I would handle something differently. Challenged myself once to come up with 50 different looks of a hard boiled egg with just one light. Sounds easy right? Try it sometime, now that would be a contest for you to have for beginners!

-Eric Scott

Put out feelers for anyone who would like to brainstorm on some truly outrageous pictures to pushed our limits creatively and sometimes morally.

-Tom Storm

I take a trip to the local big box hardware store a cruise the aisles until something catches my eye that might play with light or as a backdrop.

-Terry Sommerville

Take a single fixed length lens, cover the view screen of my DSLR, only allow myself 36 exposures and take a walk and shoot. Goal is to get it right in camera with no chimping. Take the memory card out with the 36 images and hand it over to your local lab and ask for 4×6 prints of the 36 (like old film days).  No photoshop or computer editing.  Pick up in an hour and see how they turned out.  

-Brian Brakebill

I take myself away from all the distractions of the world and focus on the beauty that’s around me and go out and breathe some fresh air… Its amazing what that can do..

-Kala Hackler

My daughter!  Her freckles make me want to never put my camera down!

-Mindy Knause

Drive around and find an out of the way location  or I go thrifting then think of all kinds of shoots to match!

Sumika Phillips

Have a hot model want to update her portfolio…. great motivation!

-Steve Damron

I look to fragrance and jewelry ads for inspiration.

-John Wirick

I try to step away from the computer and my images for a bit and find a book that addresses some of my areas of weakness.  I’ll then read it thoroughly until I’m dying to pickup the camera once again.

Jessica Wrinka

I get inspired by looking at people. No one is the same! You can use the same lightsetting on everybody,  but you will always get another result. This is what get’s me inspired.

Dion Ooijen

I dive into fictional books and then begin creating storyboards of sorts, creating dreams.

Melissa Albert

Visiting a car show always puts me back into motivation!

Chris Mikla

I get inspired by looking at other photographers work like Rankin, avedon etc., and local photographers I may find on Instagram!!

-Timothy Coates

I look out the window on a car ride and pick something i see and think of possibly concepts around that object; it almost always turns into a domino effect. The gears start whirling.

Shelbie Brennen

Shooting film. Makes have to think about my shot and trust my instinct since I can’t see it until it gets developed.

-Erick Jauregui

By focusing on something completely unrelated. This I think allows the subconscious to work through its issues while allowing your conscious to be open to new possibilities.

-John Martin

Most of the time I continue to review other professional photos. I keep my computers home page set to certain artist sites so that when ever I turn on my computer I’m faced with creativity

-Jerome Johnson

Attend a workshop presented by an ‘interesting’ photographer.

-Joe Secka