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All Photos Courtesy of HeARTs Speak

According to the ASPCA, approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. (1) One central cause we’re committed to at Savage Universal is providing support for animal shelter, rescue and hospital organizations across the U.S. to help save lives of abandoned or stray animals in need of rehabilitation and permanent homes.

Because high-quality and eye-catching adoption photos are essential for animals in need of a home, we launched Project Pet Portaits in 2015 as a way to aid photographers who volunteer at pet rescues to capture professional imagery and enhance the profiles of each adoptable pet. In addition to this initiative, we are also excited to announce that Savage Universal is now partnering with HeARTs Speak to offer support to animal shelter organizations nationwide!



Savage is proud and honored to provide background kits, like seen in the images here, to each of their Perfect Exposure Project workshops this year. Our vinyl backdrops are ideal photo backgrounds for animals, because of their heavy-weight and durable construction. A photo setup that can withstand hundreds of animals romping through it each year is a vital resource for busy rescues and shelters. If paw prints or messes are made on the vinyl backdrop, it is easily wiped clean with a damp sponge and mild soap to get it in perfect condition again, and will provide years of use when maintained properly!

Find out the awesome story behind this great organization from HeARTs Speak’s very own Director of Operations, Caitlin Quinn:

HeARTs Speak was founded in 2010 by NY-based professional photographer Lisa Prince-Fishler, who was inspired by the power of collaboration to solve social issues. 

After adopting her best four-legged friend, Iggy, Lisa discovered that the disconnect in shelter marketing seemed to serve as an unnecessary roadblock to animals finding homes, and she felt moved to find a solution. HeARTs Speak was born and a collective creative force emerged in the form of a global network, and that force is now chipping away at the stigma surrounding pets in shelters. 



Since 2010, HeARTs Speak has garnered nearly 600 members in 47 states and 19 countries, and collectively provides more than 15,000 hours’ worth of service monthly to animal shelters and rescues in the US alone. Our mission is to unite art and advocacy to increase the visibility of shelter animals. 

In addition to creating a supportive and forward-looking community for artists, HeARTs Speak is deeply invested in bringing resources and collaborative opportunities directly to the staff, volunteers, and supporters of animal shelters. Our Perfect Exposure Project increases the creative workforce in animal sheltering by bringing a custom two-day workshop on photography and marketing to humane facilities. 


Since the program’s inception in 2014, nearly 200 animal welfare staff and volunteers have learned skills that have the potential to impact more than 100,00 animals each year. By the end of 2016 HeARTs Speak will have delivered this program to over 15 communities in the United States.

Currently between 25-30% of pets living in U.S. homes they’ve adopted, but the rest were acquired from other sources. We know that art has the power to change all of this, and it inspires us every day to use creative thinking to solve the problems of pet homelessness!

Join us over at www.heartsspeak.org and find out more!