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Last month we asked… “What advice can you offer to another photographer just starting out in wedding photography?” We wanted YOUR best tips to share with our followers! Here are some of our favorite, most valuable tips we received:

1. Enlist the help of “Matronly aunt” who will be assertive and help corral the relatives for family group shots. You don’t know who uncle Earl is, you don’t have time to find him, and it will RUIN the wedding if you don’t shoot him with the bride/groom. Send out AUNT BETTY to search and destroy…. uh, …. deliver.

-Tod Wolf, Robi’s Camera Center

2. Put forth the effort well in advance of wedding day to develop a great relationship with the client, learn who they are, what they like and love, what their vision of their wedding day is, how they poured their sole into their special day and planning for it. Taking the time to know your client will pay off in many many ways.

-Steve O’Donnell, Photography by Steve O’Donnell

3. No matter how scared you are, the bride and groom are more afraid still. If you can get out of your head and view them with the compassion they need your nerves will steady and everything you know will come more naturally.

-Wendy Mcalpine

4. I have shot numerous weddings in my five years. I have to admit the first couple of them were an eye opener, as well as a learning experience. I have a suitcase with the following, complete change of clothes; with extra socks and two pair of shoes. You never know when its going to rain: 3 large umbrellas, one for you, one for the couple, and one for the parents/or assistants. Sewing kit, flashlight, first aid kit, universal shoe polisher, safety pins, grooming kit and $20 dollars in coins. Just in case there are tolls involved, IE. New Jersey.

Reinaldo Alvarez

5. Have bobby pins and a ponytail holder in your camera bag. The bride might need the bobby pins (I’ve had two forget they needed them for their updo) and I used a ponytail holder once to bustle a bride’s dress. She kept tripping over it and we couldn’t find anything built into the dress to bustle it with so I pulled a random ponytail holder out of my camera bag (what was it doing there?) and it worked beautifully. I know this has nothing to do with cameras, but weddings can be loaded with non-photo emergencies.

-Cindy McCrory, Blue Room Photography

6. Always shoot on an angle when shooting into a mirror for those bride shots in the dressing room, it takes a few times to get the nack, but it is great for those unusual shots.

-Don Lazarus

7. Take pictures of every little detail, from grandpa sleeping on the sofa to the bride and groom’s kiss, every thing, they will love your photos! Be friendly and confident, smile and smile!

-Daniel Gonzalez, DG Photography

8. Be Confident, calm and take charge. Have some ‘alone’ time with just the bride and groom!! That’s when they truly forget about all the people and show their true feelings for each other.

-Delmer-Wendy Wiebe, Affordable Photography

Share your tips to photographing weddings in the comments below!