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Thunder Gray is one of the most popular Savage paper colors, mostly attributed to its deep gray shade that can be easily manipulated to accompany any portrait subject and produce a classic and clean look. Here are some great examples we found on Flickr of our Thunder Gray seamless paper backdrop

Savage Thunder Gray SeamlessPhoto by Kiwiphotostudio via FLickr 

 BeautyPhoto by Danielle Gardner via Flickr

 Olivia Christmas CardPhoto by Gary Galluppi via Flickr  

 Photo by Robert Lopshire

HydrangeaPhoto by Kate Harris via Flickr 

 Wife to be...

Photo by James Robichaux via Flickr

 D SeriousPhoto by Paul Nash via Flickr  

brothers portrait newborn 2yr old; sweet kissesPhoto by MichelleKPhoto via Flickr

 Photo Courtesy Lisa Faust

Thunder Gray Seamless PaperPhoto Courtesy of Renee Romero Photography


-Savage Staff

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