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Headshot photographers oftentimes get called into set up an office shoot for company personnel. In most instances, your allotted space is a small conference room or hallway. Situations like these call for compact equipment to maximize space for your subjects. Collapsible backdrops are the ideal solution for on-location sessions, and reversible collapsibles provide an even better solution of two-easy-looks-in-one!

Headed to WPPI 2016? Stop by booth #833 on Monday, March 7th at 10:30am where wedding & portrait photographer team, Marc and Tony, will show you how to create a dynamic business headshot and with a little creativity turn the same shoot into a bold fashion session, all by using simple lighting and a reversible, collapsible backdrop. This program is a must see if you are looking for tips and techniques on lighting and posing for contemporary headshots, whether you’re new to photographing headshots or more experienced. The team will also share inexpensive and creative ideas for fashion imagery and discuss how to increase revenue with a headshot program.

Marc Anthony & Tony Ryan

Meet Marc & Tony: International Photographers and Educators. Two artists with different talents and points of view, collaborate together on every project they photograph. This unique approach to photography results in a signature style of imagery and storytelling only they can create and capture. The duo is a combination of Marc, a photographer and Tony, a designer. Together they get to know you, your personality and style. This connection along with their creativity and relaxed approach allows them to capture the real you. Marc and Tony fuse elements vintage fashion and a contemporary edge of glamour to create artistic, timeless images. Their work has been featured in many publications around the world including People, US Weekly and Hello Magazine. Check out their website here.


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