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This week I received the 107” Coral Seamless Paper from Savage Universal. Over the past year I have grown to love the vibrant colors from Savage as much as the grays and whites that have been essential staples in my studio over the years. Because I photograph primarily seniors I like to use the 107” so I can shoot headshots as well as full body shots. This also allows extra space for additional props such as a pet, sporting equipment or a prom dress.

senior portrait coral seamless paper background

When I unwrapped my new roll I instantly loved the color. It is a color that is very popular in the wardrobes of my senior girls this season. Vibrant pastels have definitely made a comeback so this will be a great addition to my backdrop collection. That being said I would not necessarily describe the color as coral. I tend to think of coral as having more of an orange tinge to it. I would describe the color as closer to rose for those that are looking to purchase it.


When my senior arrived for her session this morning she brought a multicolored dress that just begged to be photographed against a colorful seamless paper. I debated between Savage’s Coral, Plum and Blue Jay before settling on my new Coral roll! The senior immediately loved the color and was excited to be photographed against it. I did several headshots, full length shots and also added a settee for a third look. I felt that the Coral complimented the pink undertones of my seniors complexion beautifully and contrasted nicely against her blue eyes, really making them pop! I used a large photek for the main light, a softbox for fill and two hair-lights. I did not light the background as I wanted it to remain a flat color. For that reason I chose to leave my aperture at f/4.5 in order to keep the color light and bright.

senior portrait coral seamless paper background

I see myself using the Coral in the future with senior girls who embrace their feminine side. I think it would be really beautiful paired with cream, lace or pastel clothing!

What’s your favorite shade of Savage pink?

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