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Brian Yungblut

OK… a camera walks into a bar, slides into a fashionable little window lit booth, flirts with a young man focusing on the future, and things just kinda click…  

Once Brian’s work got some exposure he won a Canadian Applied Arts Award (Photography) for a fashion spread, and his commercial photography career shot up. Brian’s first studios were in Victoria B.C. and included a custom colour and black and white lab. He now lives and works in his hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario shooting fashion look books, on and off model, editorials, product photography and headshots. Ask him to explain the art of posing and he’ll talk for hours; better yet, let him show you. Check out this website here.


A Recipe for Working with “Cookies” (Cookaloris) in the Studio!

A Recipe for Working with “Cookies” (Cookaloris) in the Studio!

The unique effects produced by using a cookaloris (cookie for short) can add interest and depth to photographic images.  A cookaloris breaks up the light, usually coming from a manmade source, projecting a pattern onto a backdrop or subject and giving a more organic look to studio lighting.