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Alana Tyler Slutsky

Alana Tyler Slutsky is a fashion, beauty and portrait photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. Alana loves to play with color and light, as well as the idea that “fashion is fantasy.” This thought is the driving force behind her editorial work.

Being a mostly self-taught photographer, Alana Tyler Slutsky became frustrated with the lack-of technical information available online. It is because of this, she started a blog to help others gain insight to technical knowledge and the elusive industry that is Fashion Photography. Check out her website here


Creating Budget-Friendly Photo Sets with Seamless Paper

Creating Budget-Friendly Photo Sets with Seamless Paper

So, you’re relatively new to photography, you want to build a killer portfolio and above all, you want to stand out from everyone else. When you’re just graduating from school with $50k in loans and paying New York City rent prices, how in the world does one do this? Simple. Get crafty.