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Photographed here is our beautiful Milano Hand Painted Muslin Backdrop in use for a shoot with fashion & portrait photographer, Liselotte Fleur. Liselotte says, “When I first saw the Muslin Hand Painted Backdrops, I fell in love with the vintage look and its luxury feeling. For this editorial I put together a talented team and a beautiful model. We shot the collection of Kady Ceelen and the hair and make-up artist made her look glamorous. I decided to work with the Milano Muslin Backdrop and shot it in black and white to strengthen the sense of our concept.  I used a beauty dish and a soft box to lighten her up. The backdrop is made from excellent quality and this light grey color can be used for any kind of editorials, so I’m quite sure you’ll see this one more often in my portfolio!”

Team Credits:
Photography: Liselotte Fleur
Fashion Designer: Kady Ceelen
Make-up: Esmee Aleida Helder
Hair: Eldridge Mullenhof
Model: Christa @ De Boekers

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