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This photo album was shot by photographer Robert Lopshire and features our very cool, retro Classic Tile Floor Drop. Rob created a fantasy set using two of the floor drops positioned upright in an “S” shape, that gives an eye-catching, fantasy feel to the shoot!

Here the photographer explains his inspiration and setup for this special shoot:

“This recent shoot features alternative model Megan “Luxey” Vrabel with the Savage Classic Tile Floor Drops suspended by background stands.

The concept came together after a discussion I had with Megan, we both always wanted to do a “Plague Mask” photo shoot. Turns out Megan has a really cool tattoo on her forearm of a woman in a plague mask by tattoo artist Jamie Sawyer, we liked it so much we wanted to re-create the artwork in a shoot. I wanted to give the background a distorted fantasy feel to it and I was inspired by a video by Tom Petty “Don’t Come Around Here No More” which was based on Alice in Wonderland and features a twisted checkered room. 

To create this I had to suspend the Classic Tile Floor Drops on background stands and keep them bent into “S” shapes with clamps. I left a gap between the two floor drops to simulate a doorway or portal filled with a very bright light which was achieved by bouncing monolights off a Savage Super White seamless background.

The rest was up to make-up artist Tarissa Gesner to simulate make-up from the tattoo design.

Though the artwork depicts the woman wearing a mask it did not flatter our model and it sort of “took away” from the whole concept, so a majority of the shots were done with the mask on her shoulder or in her hands. We did one or two shots with her wearing the mask to give tribute to the original artwork.”

Model: Luxey

MUA: Tarissa Gesner

Robert Lopshire

Rob Lopshire is a published professional photographer based in Hunterdon County NJ. Rob’s business specializes in promotional photography for models, musicians, actors and other performing artists including model comp cards, portfolios, head-shots and environmental portraits. Rob’s work has been published in books, magazines & calendars. His images have been featured a number of times on photography equipment sites such as Olympus, Sigma, enlight photo and currently endorses Nasty Clamps. Check out his website here.   Learn More