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Put a Ringlight on It!

Even though a beauty vlogger may try hundreds of different products on camera for her/his channel, there is one thing they all need behind the camera every session: flawless lighting. Makeup artists and beauty bloggers require a makeup mirror or vanity that will evenly and clearly illuminate their faces, to allow for even makeup application and a high quality look.

Savage’s new Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus is the answer to all your selfie & portrait lighting longings! This LED light is ideal for beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and portrait photographers.

What’s So Special about a Ringlight?

What makes a ringlight in high demand for beauty and portrait work? The circular shape of this photo/video light creates a striking catchlight in the subject’s eyes, leaving viewers captivated while enhancing the unique style of the content.

The powerful light shines through a diffuser plate, which provides an even, soft light that falls onto the subject – no harsh shadows or hot spots.

Savage Ringlight Plus

Key Advantages of the Savage Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus

The Savage Luminous Pro 19″ Ringlight Plus is perfect for both photography and video. Whether you need a smooth on-axis fill light or want to achieve the perfect catchlight, this low-heat LED light will fulfill your needs. The soft, even light characteristics make it ideal for glamour shots and key light applications.

Adjustable Color Temperature

The color temperature of the light can be adjusted from 3200K to 5500K and anywhere in between. Choose if you prefer the look of white daylight, or a soft yellow glow for ambiance.

Savage Ringlight Plus

Large LCD Display

A large LCD back display allows the user to easily adjust power settings, color temperature and even set multiple lights into groups to control simultaneously with an included remote control.

A front-facing knob also allows a user standing in front of the light to adjust power settings from their position.

480 LED Chips

LED lighting has many advantages over fluorescent lighting. LEDs emit little to no heat, so models stay comfortable even for long periods of close use. This light is fanless, making it extra quiet and ideal for video applications.

LED chips have a very long lifespan of 20,000 hours, eliminating the need for costly replacements. The Savage Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus has a CRI (color rendering index) of 95, which means the accuracy and consistency of the light output is a superior quality.

Savage Ringlight Plus

Included Accessories

A convenient remote control accessory allows the user to control the light (power level and color temperature settings) from anywhere on set.

Two Sony NP-F750 batteries are included, which provide a 75 minute runtime at full power. When using the batteries, users can take the light on location without the constraint of an AC power cord plugged in nearby. For long sessions in the studio, the 9ft AC power supply provides extended use.

A metal ballhead and shoe mount provide a sturdy mount for a camera to be secured to the inside of the ringlight, especially useful for video projects.

When transporting or storing away, a padded carry bag comes in good use, keeping the light clean and the components in good condition.

Savage Ringlight Plus

With the trend of ringlights on the rise, it’s important to look for a product that offers long-lasting and low-heat emitting LED bulbs, convenient accessories for single shooter use, and a strong light output with color temperature variations.

See the Savage Luminous Pro LED Ringlight Plus in action to see how it meets all of these requirements>>