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When it comes to still life and product photography, it’s the attention to detail that can make or break a photo, especially when it comes to lighting! What’s keeping you from achieving that detailed, high-end commercial photographer look, could be as simple as the accessories you use in conjunction with your lights. Product photographer, Scott Hartwick, walks still life photography enthusiasts through a few tips for creating the most attractive, high-end styled product photos using Savage Translum™. With three different grades of Translum™ available, this roll of sturdy plastic has unlimited creative functions, that can separate your still life photos from the rest of the pack!

Check out Hartwick’s three quick tip videos below and let us know your own product photography tips in the comments section!

When photographing a glass bottle, highlights are a necessary detail to pay attention to in order to show off the bottle’s shape. In the first of his three videos, Hartwick shows how to create a flawless highlight that effortlessly reveals the shape of the bottle with the help of Savage Translum™ (Heavyweight).

With product and still life photography, you don’t necessarily want your background to take any attention away from the subject. In conjunction with using Translum™ as a light diffusing mechanism, Hartwick demonstrates how to use Translum™ to create a graduated background that draws all attention to the main subject.

Adding dimension to a shiny object, can be difficult when working with a two dimensional field without having that important attention to detail. In the final video of Hartwick’s series, Scott demonstrates how to create a refined gradient with Translum™ to add dimension and shine to a subject within a two dimensional image!

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