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Have you seen the new Savage C-Stand in action? Let us break down the various unique applications only our patent-pending c-stand design offers!

Patent Pending Leg Junior Receiver

A second junior receiver on the lowest leg enables double the output from one stand. With an included 20″ (51cm) secondary riser, users can treat the Savage C-Stand as two stands in one!

Mount Two Lights

Mount two lights from one stand to easily set up a clamshell lighting technique for portraits, or for lighting tall objects from base to top evenly.

Mount a Light and Modifier

Save gear and space while reducing tripping hazards on small sets by utilizing both risers and grip arm to mount a light and its modifier from one stand. 

Position on Stairs and Uneven Ground

Drop the included 20″ (51cm) riser through the foot to level the c-stand on stairs or uneven surfaces up to 12″ (30cm) high.

Move Tightly into a Corner

Transfer either included riser from the center to the leg junior receiver to move a light snugly into a corner.

Create Low Lighting

Remove the junior to baby pin from the 20″ (51cm) riser and drop into the center or leg junior receiver for for ultra-low light positioning.

Create an Adjustable Workstation

Mount monitors or other workstation gear to the stand’s universal top baby pins for a smaller footprint on set.

Clamp a Wider Range of Modifiers

The Savage Gobo Clamp is a unique design that more easily secures reflectors, scrims, flags and other accessories than a standard gobo head. It provides a larger range of shape and size clamping, as well as more forceful clamping. The rounded shape of the jaws ensures even but firm clamping and are lined with EPDM rubber to prevent damage to thin walled tubes. 

What configuration would be most useful to you?

Tell us in the comments below!